Blue energy is generally regarded as the most calming, soothing energy in the universe.

In the ancient world, the heavens were depicted as being made up of blue energy – the colour that represents peace, calm and serenity.

The colour blue has many spiritual applications, and blue energy plays an essential role in our spiritual lives.

Blue Energy In The Aura

The colour blue is associated with the fifth chakra, called the Throat chakra after its location in the body.

When we have blue in our aura, it is often down to the strength, health and energy flow of the Throat chakra.

Muddy or greyed blues represent an unhealthy chakra, whereas bright blue is pure and healthy.

An aura that is predominantly blue indicates a person who is calm, considerate, conscientious and who values intuition.

Blue Gemstones For Healing

If you do have a blue aura, or you are trying to heal your Throat chakra, blue gemstones are usually the best to go with.

The resonant energy in these stones matches the blue energy you are trying to heal.

These stones include:

  • Sodalite
  • Turquoise
  • Aquamarine
  • Blue quartz
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Blue lace agate
  • Sapphire
  • Angelite
  • Blue Tourmaline
  • Tanzanite

Of course, all of these stones have their special uses, so do some research on any specific healing stone before you get it.

Blue Energy In The Home

Using a lot of blues to decorate the home helps to promote blue energy.

This is perfect for those who are rushed off their feet all day and need a calm, relaxing environment to unwind in at the end of the day.

For relaxing areas of the house like the bedroom or the living room, go for lighter hues like a sky or baby blue. The same goes for children’s bedrooms or playrooms.

But for places where focus and intuition are more important – like a study or the dining room (especially if that’s where the kids do their homework) – opting for darker hues like royal or navy blue can help to promote these things.

Blue Energy For Insomnia

One great use of blue energy is in the treatment of insomnia.

Because of the soothing, calming effect of blue energy, being exposed to it at bedtime can help to induce and maintain sleep.

Combined with purple energy for connecting your spirit to the astral plane, blue energy can be a cure for insomnia with no side effects.

Certainly better than taking a sleeping pill.

Our recommendation is a blue light covering for a half hour before bed, a lavender scent and lapis lazuli arranged like petals around a glass of water on the bedside table.

So there are a lot of uses and applications for blue energy that you can take away and use in your life.