Some aura colours are not often discussed or even recognised, and the blue-green aura is one of them.

Blue-green auras are usually described as turquoise, but that is less than helpful as it masks the truth of this particular aura.

Turquoise auras hold the properties of blue auras and green auras, so thinking of it as blue-green (or green blue) is more accurate.

So what does a blue-green aura mean for those who have one?Blue Green Aura Meaning

Supportive Blue Meets Healing Green

Most people who think and talk about auras might describe blue-green aura individuals as innate healers.

This comes from the green aura, which symbolises growth and change, especially in spiritual matters.

However, blue-greens are much more than that. From the blue aura side, they gain supportive and empathic traits which can also help with healing but in a different way more to do with moral support than guidance.

What this adds up to is an aura that symbolises the holistic healer, concentrating not just on spiritual healing for growth, but also on emotional healing.

Blue Green Sensitivity

Another word often used to describe blue-greens is “sensitive”.

From the green side, they have a tendency for self-critique. This is important for growth, so can be an excellent thing.

However, from the blue side, they get a sense of social awareness that can propel that self-critique and self-awareness into low self-esteem.

This is what is meant when we say blue-greens are sensitive.

They can be very sensitive to criticism and failure, even if that criticism comes from within.

When it comes from others, they often retreat into their shells and distance themselves from that person.

In this way, blue-greens make excellent healers but terrible patients.

Blue Greens In Love & Relationships

Blue-greens make excellent friends in good times and bad, as long as you understand who they are.

They are supportive, great listeners and prefer to allow someone to come to them with a problem rather than confronting someone about that problem.

In this way, they are a shoulder to cry on – but you have to ask for it first!

On the other hand, they are prone to petty jealousy when they are feeling the effects of low self-esteem.

They can also react very badly to criticism, with a tendency to be defensive when confronted with something uncomfortable for them.

Blue-greens should seek out those with related auras for maximum comfort.

People who are perfectly capable of being independent but choose not to are well suited to a relationship with a blue-green aura individual.

Blue-green might be one of the more rare auras, and those who have them often make excellent friends.

If you know someone with a blue-green aura, ensure that you respect their boundaries and you will be rewarded with a friend who will always be there – through good times and bad.

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