Blue Moon March 31st 2018: Energy Update

The vibrational frequency of Earth is growing at a significant pace. The increase in our planet’s frequency is affecting our vibrations. The people who are sensitive sense many changes in their life during these energy shifts.

The energy boost is there whether we accept it or not, but running with the flow of it will help us evolve faster. If we take the changes and internalise them, we can achieve a lot.


In the cosmic world, everything has a sequence; and currently, we are facing the last blue moon of 2018. The energy shift began in December 2017. The Appearance of the full moons affected every being on the planet.

December 3rd, 2017, was the first supermoon. The second one occurred on January 1st, 2018, and the third one had brightened the sky on January 31st, 2018.

The energy of the regular full moon doesn’t long. This triad has lasting effects, and they will affect the human race whether they like it or not.

It has many effects on our lives as well as nature by leading to higher tide, earthquakes, landslides etc.

Everything in our Universe is composed of energy and they are interconnected. Humans have a lower frequency, and they vibrate slower. When there’s a change in the earth’s energy, humans are affected. Heavenly bodies have a higher frequency.


With the blue moon, high amount of energy has entered the Earth. It’s rare to see two blue moons in a year. Which has increased the energy rate. Every being on earth is affected, they feel fatigued, drained and emotional.

It is the form of a universal message that we need to decipher to augment our experiences on earth. During this time, we experience alerted senses, chills, shivers, etc.

With the high energy inflow, people feel the following:

• Past relationships reappear to teach us lessons

• Flu-like symptoms

• Extreme headaches

• Ears ringing

• Panic attacks – anxiety

• Fear of the future

• Memory loss occurs

• Time appears fast or slow – depending on different factors

• Knowing of things without explanation

• Insomnia or disturbed sleep

• Vivid dreams

• Sensitivity to all senses

• Recognising past mistakes

• Feeling something is going to happen

• Increased synchronicities

• Mind demands to remain alone

• Value and meaning of life increases.

This intuitional shift is hard for people who resist it, but the ones who accept it enjoy the benefits. The opportunity to remove all energy blocks and increase conscious awareness.

Adapt to these changes and take complete advantage. Start and end each day with meditation, so energy flows into you.


Other things that might help you are:

• Saltwater baths

• Drinking lots of water

• Thinking positively

• Consuming high energy foods

• Breathing deeply

• Forgiving others

• Spending time in nature

• Avoiding alcohol and caffeine

Try to disconnect from energy when possible, avoid negative energy and people.

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