The Blue Ray Children are a soul group like the Crystal, Indigo, and Rainbow Children.

They are the overlooked saviors of humanity whose mission is to heal and raise the vibrations of the entire Earth.

However, many are mistaken for Indigos, and it takes them longer than others to realize their true identity.

This delay doesn’t stop them from knowing their mission, though.

But they are the precursors to the other groups, laying the groundwork for their missions as they all work together towards the common goal of enlightenment for humanity.IWAVE Jen Lewin 01 e1561630771491

Meaning Of Blue Ray

The idea of the Blue Ray comes from a book called Notes On The Cosmos by leading psychic and author George Michael Scallion.

Scallion described this soul group as laying the groundwork for the other root races like the Crystals, allowing them to take on their roles as teachers in spiritual matters.

According to Scallion’s revelations about this powerful precursor soul group, they develop faster than the other groups.

From a young age, they can teach others, often reaching spiritual maturity in their teens.

He also described the characteristics of this powerful soul group.

Blue Ray Children Characteristics

The signs are similar to that of being an Indigo.

The two groups are close in color because their vibrational energy resonates at almost the same rate.

The proximity of the Indigo and Blue at this time represents a vibrational shift as humanity awakens.

But there are some subtle differences that give it away:

  • They are powerful dreamers. From an early age, they can recall and describe their dreams in a way that an adult could.
  • Like the Indigos, they can be a bit difficult. Some describe this as stubbornness, whereas others describe it as determination.
  • They have an interest in healing. As children, this comes through in games of make-believe that involve healing others (or themselves).
  • They are highly in tune with animals. Others might jokingly call them an “animal whisperer.”
  • They are often multilingual, finding languages easy to learn.
  • Water is essential to them symbolically, and they feel drawn to lakes, rivers, and other waterways.
  • They tend to flit between being more type-A like the Indigos with their focus and drive, and being more like the Crystals who are often off in their magnificent inner world.
  • They hate standing still. They intend to make the world their oyster, and have a constant urge to see more of it.

Blue Ray Powers

Like all the other root races, they have a sense of their mission here on Earth.

They also share many other powers with them, like enhanced healing abilities and empathic power.

Telekinetic powers come most naturally to this soul group, with most discovering these powers in their teens and developing them as they grow into an adult.

Unlocking these powers will help them with their soul mission on Earth.

Both are helping to heal humanity and its genetic code to raise the vibrations and bring enlightenment and ascension to the people of Earth.