Blue Ray healing is practiced by the Blue Rays, who are an especially empathic and emotionally attuned group of Lightworkers.

Although their first mission is often to heal themselves, many receive the knowledge of their real mission on Earth a little later in life.

This mission involves spreading love and light to individuals, but it also includes the healing of humanity.

The mutation of DNA to allow spiritual evolution, and the ultimate ascension of everyone on Earth.

Who Are The Blue Ray Children?

They were the precursor to the Indigos, Rainbows, and Crystals, helping to lay the groundwork for the mission to ascend humanity.

They are rare at this moment, but together they hold such powerful healing abilities that their effect on the planet has been tremendous – and will only grow.

Their extreme levels of empathy and emotional intelligence contribute significantly to their powers, but it also makes early life difficult for them.

Many suffer trauma, and nearly all of them go through childhood feeling like they just don’t fit in.

Blue Rays are far too advanced for others their age, and sometimes this can lead teachers and parents to think that they have learning difficulties.

But as adults, they take this difficult childhood and use it as a positive force, merging with their true essence and embarking on a healing journey.

The burden of high empathy turns to a positive, and they become treasured as friends to those around them.

They often make a close-knit group of friends who appreciate them for their sensitivity.

Blue Ray Lemurian Healing

This healing draws upon their energetic alignment with Lemuria.

Its general purpose is deep cleansing of aura and energy fields as well as clearing blockages in the subtle body’s chakra system.

These healers often practice this on themselves first, though it is not always intentional.

It can happen instinctively, and it is usually after this that they learn their true identity and mission.

It is because they are connecting to a ray of creation, within which lies their soul mission.

The energy absorbed from this process contains wisdom and knowledge about it.

After they have awoken to their identity as a part of this select group, they tend to try the same process on others.

It is then that they realize their innate healing abilities and follow the path of a healer.

Everywhere they go, everyone, they meet benefits from their unique aura and energy signature.

Blue Ray Healing Benefits

The benefits of this type of healing are many. Not everybody has access to it, so those that do jump at the opportunity to cleanse their energy in this way.

This type of healing is best for deep cleansing of the aura when negative energy has taken root.

Deep held trauma and neuroses can stick around in your aura for a lifetime if nothing changes.

The negative energy that remains in your system for this long starts to have a permanent effect, so you need a powerful healer to remove every trace indeed.

When you do, you will feel energized by blue light and be ready to take on the world.

This particular type of healing connects you with ancient wisdom, specifically of the Lumerians.

It has the effect of showing you a brief glimpse – through intuition or trance – of the destiny you could fulfill.

Many people experience this as a renewed drive towards their goals, pushing them to achieve their ambitions without fear of failure.

For those with a higher mission, it can also clarify the path forward by empowering your intuition through absorption of ray energy.

Healers of this type may work with energy and Spirit, performing a whole range of services for those in need.

It can help you with:

  • Joint, muscle, and back pain.
  • Inflammation, especially of the pituitary gland and throat.
  • Energy Imbalance.
  • Mood swings.
  • Depression.
  • Anxiety.
  • Addictions and bad habits.
  • Spiritual progress.
  • Raising Vibrations.
  • Clearing negative energy.
  • Clarifying your purpose.
  • Enhancing your creative power.

Blue Ray Healing For Creativity

This type of healing enhances your creativity and empowers you to create with your mind, body, and spirit.

It can bring inspiration for those who have fallen to blockages.

When you experience a creative block, it is often because of blockages in your lower chakras, causing anxiety paralysis, where you are afraid of failure so much that you fail by inaction.

Connecting with the power of the Blue Ray dissolves these energy blocks, freeing you to be creative and purposeful rather than paralyzed by fear.

It can also encourage you to speak up about the injustices that you face, and will help you to express yourself more effectively.

It is because it has a profound effect on the throat chakra, which deals with self-expression, communication, and intent.

Problems in the throat chakra that this can help with includes digestive problems, thyroid dysfunction, mouth and stomach ulcers, tinnitus, and blurred vision.

For those who suffer chronically from these issues, natural healing with ray energy can lessen and eventually eradicate them.

How To Call Upon Blue Ray Healing Power

To call upon this extraordinary healing power, you may use a mantra.

The nature of mantra means that you do not need to use this exactly as written, but you should adapt it to your own needs.

First, enter a meditative state and engage with your higher consciousness.

Then, speak the mantra:

“I gather my will, summon my spirit, and empower my heart.

With these, I invoke the power of the Blue Ray to strengthen my purpose and my power in pursuit of healing light.

Anchor my consciousness in the sea of creative purpose, awakening the Blue Ray of Creation to flow through me.”

Then, you may set your intent to the healing that needs to happen.

This might be a specific health issue, negative energy build up or a casting away of old wounds to uncover the soul mission.