Blue Ray Twin Flames embody the energy of the Blue Ray, empowered as Starseeds and here from ascended worlds.

They identify with the healing power of blue light and display the characteristics of Blue Ray Energy Beings.

They are known as the lost ray of the Light Worker.

Their arrival on this planet served as a precursor to the arrivals of other Light Workers, but today they are very rare compared to the far more common Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children.

Their presence set the stage for the other Starseed races in their mission to help elevate humanity to a new level of consciousness, enlightenment, and evolution.

Twin Flames who identify with the Blue Ray are highly sensitive, empathic spirits who share the values and virtues of this unique group.

They bond over their shared sense of inner mission and embark on their twin flame journey with spiritual goals in mind.

These spiritual goals include the healing of others, the healing of humanity, and the evolution of human DNA to accommodate our soon-to-be enlightened state.

Blue Ray Twin Flames Soul Mission

Everybody has a soul mission – a task or set of tasks that they decided they should complete during this life, decided before birth and ingrained in the soul and the psyche.

While everybody has one, not everybody is drawn to theirs so strongly.

In fact, for most people, their soul mission rarely factors into their lives at all except for in those quiet moments when they allow themselves to dream about what they might still achieve.

But for others like Blue Rays and other Starseeds, their soul mission forms a central part of who they are and how they behave.

It might not always be explicit or conscious, but when made aware of it, they soon realize that every action they take is in support of their soul mission.

Within the twin flame relationship, there is also a sense of mission, though it is more related to the broader universal ascension process than your individual soul mission.

The two are similar, though.

For you, there is more than enough spiritual work to last a lifetime or two, between your soul mission as Starseeds and your journey to ascension as Twin Flames.

Blue Ray Twin Flames Signs

If you and your twin flame match the following characteristics then you may well be Starseeds of the blue light:

  • Ultra-sensitive and highly intuitive. You feel your way through life, and it doesn’t lead you astray.
  • Often quiet and reserved, preferring to stay out of the limelight.
  • Can connect with higher realms easily than others due to higher vibrations.
  • Full of wisdom and knowledge, though much of it seems to come from within rather than being learned.
  • Often appear a little mystical, with a unique style.
  • Highly empathic, to the point where it can make some people a little uncomfortable at the level of insight you can obtain from them.
  • Very adaptable, which allows them to traverse difficulty. Useful in earlier years as childhood is normally harsh.
  • You communicate your innermost thoughts and emotions through creative art, finding it a more effective way of communicating what is inside of you.
  • Highly expressive. You have the drive to share your inner world with others, though not always the confidence to do so.
  • You are excellent at keeping secrets.
  • You tend to be humble and reserved when it comes to your talents, waiting for the right moment before you use them so as not to draw too much attention to yourself.
  • Words like Starseed, Light Worker, Pleiades, and Sirius, all sound familiar to you, resonating with some forgotten knowledge or memories deep inside you on a soul level.
  • Often have difficult childhoods with non-spiritual, unenlightened parents and a lot of trauma. A lot of work will need to go into healing from this, but that process factors into your spiritual awakening.
  • When you cast your mind to the ascended planets, they feel familiar, almost like a childhood home would when visiting it after many years.
  • As for Earth, you have never quite felt like you belonged here on this planet and at this time. You have always struggled to fit in.
  • You are energetically aligned with the Lemurians rather than the Atlantians, though you may identify with both in certain aspects.
  • Anger is rarely a place you go to, preferring to play the diplomat and broker peace within your circle of friends.
  • You are determined, driven, and consistent in your work ethic.
  • You are sensitive to chemicals, drugs, food, noise, and/or light.
  • Commonly have Water or Air Zodiac signs.
  • You identify with the idea of a young soul and an old soul, this dual nature one of the many conflicts in your mind.
  • You suffer from chronic fatigue.
  • You are easily frustrated by the actions of others.

Between the two of you, you should cover most if not all of these signs.

Of course, you can still identify with the Blue Ray without matching all of the signs!

Blue Ray Twin Flames Throat Chakra

The link between this type of relationship and the throat chakra is bound in the blue light they both embody.

The throat chakra is the fifth primary energy center of the subtle body and governs expression, independence, and expression of personal power.

It is strongly linked to your powers of communication-related to your needs and desires.

This vital energy center will play a pivotal role in your Blue Ray Twin Flame relationship.

Ensuring that your throat chakra is active, balanced and providing energy flow will be vital to success within the relationship, and any unsolved blockages or overactivity could cause both of you harm.

So if there is one thing that you should do, it’s throat chakra healing.

Keeping tabs on each other’s blue chakra will help keep the two of you secure, well and balanced.