The Blue Star spiritual meaning relates to the teachings of the Hopi culture in North America, a tribe of Native Americans that foretold the coming of European settlers.

Their teachings speak of nine signs that precede the final cleansing of humanity.

The first eight signs have already come true, with the ninth sign left to go.

The ninth sign is the appearance of the Blue Star Kachina, a spirit that will visit the Earth, and it will be purified and cleansed in what is believed to be an apocalyptic scenario.

Blue Star Kachina

A kachina in the Hopi culture is a spirit, but it means more than that.

A kachina spirit can be the spirit of a person, but it can also be the spirit of a concept, or an event, or a group of ancestors.hopi land

Anything with spiritual power has a kachina, and there are over 400 different types recognized by Hopi elders.

The Blue Star Kachina will appear in the night sky as a massive blue star, clear and bright.

The Blue Star is the ninth and final sign before the “Day Of Purification.”

Blue Star: Day Of Purification

The Day Of Purification is the name given to the final days of the Earth when there will be a “spiritual conflict with material matters.”

Many believe that this will take the form of a third world war, one who will ravage the Earth and leave only the spiritually pure behind.

They think this because of the ideas that form the foundation of Hopi prophecy – the corruption of humanity.

In Hopi legend, humans on Earth inhabited three worlds before this one, all of which fell away to be replaced by the next due to the corruption of humanity.

All of history reports ages of time documented by massive geological or natural disaster type doomsday events.

Hopi elders believe that this fourth world will suffer the same fate.

Blue Star Meaning: World Created Anew

Once the Day Of Purification has ended, Hopi teachings say that the “True White Brother” will come down to the Earth and search for the uncorrupted that remain.

If none remain uncorrupted, then this world will be destroyed – written off as another failure for humanity.

However, if those who are pure and follow the Hopi teachings remain, the world will be anew.

Humanity will get a fresh start, having learned the lessons of this time around with another chance at living without corruption.

There is some disagreement about this, however.

The Hopi are not the only ones predicting the world could end in this way.

The Hopi teachings are often brought to us through second hand translations of whispers – though recently more English translations have become available.

The creation of a new world is something all the prophecies agree on, though. Whether this creation of a new world means the destruction of the old one remains to play yet out.

The Hopi have been right on eight counts so far. In essence, they predicted the events of the entirety of the latter half of the last millennium.

Who knows what they predicted before then, lost to time.

It would be a brave person to bet against them on the ninth sign.