As your relationship comes to an end, it’s absolutely normal when you miss your ex partner, allow yourself to understand the love you are seeking can be found.

It might be in a brand new romance or a reconnection again with your ex at a much later stage in your life.

There are many reasons why so many people find they are thinking about their exes.

A) It might be that you are processing/absorbing the loss of your connection with your ex.

B) Imagining how you would get together again.

C) Feeling a psychic connection with them.

Yet, despite having the sense that you must move on, in your dreaming and daily thinking that physic connection between both of you may be difficult to stop.

It is very difficult struggle to avoid dreaming and thinking of them while the psychic connection is still apparent.

If you are the one who has have broken up and you very much want to move on or to find someone new, breaking yourself from this psychic connection and energy may ease your mind and allow yourself to be in a love’s energy.

Listed Below are tips to ease your psychic connection with an ex.

Ground yourself

How about you ground yourself? So visualize a cord, waterfall or tree that is an extension of yourself from the root chakra reaching the very center of the earth.

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Whatever energy you are now releasing gets grounded down by the magnetic force of the Earth. Imagine the energy you are now releasing is reaching the center of the earth.

Feeling guilt and anxiety

Visualize all your guilt, when you start thinking about your ex, you might experience anxiety and guilt and it can come down on your grounding cord.

These emotions/feelings are about the separation and your arrangement to support and give that person your energy.

If your ex fights to keep that energy and link going, feelings of guilt may arise. Just visualize releasing all that guilt down to your cord and extension of yourself that is grounded.

Visualize your ex

Now you may visualize your ex, their face, their smile, color of their eyes and their complete body.

Now visualize the energy going down to your grounding cord. See their energy reach the center of the earth, where it will cleanse itself.

Thank them

Send them love and light and thank you, is one of the many powerful words, it works very much like a release and knife cutting the energy.

Always repeat

Sometimes you may need to repeat the process whenever you feel the psychic connection is coming back. So repeat everything above.

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How is your psychic connection with an ex? How did you break it and moved on, please your share experiences we love hearing from you.