How to Build Strong Relationships

Ok, I am sure you have noticed by now that relationships can be hard, whether it’s with a partner, family, work colleague or neighbors in your street the slightest difficulties can have a resounding effect on your life.

Relationships can very often make you feel like banging your head against a brick wall, but before you do, read on my advice on how to build strong relationships.


Relationships are all around you, no matter how deep or shallow you feel in that relationship each one has the possibility to evolve into something more and meaningful. For example when looking for love finding a partner to build a relationship with can be difficult in its own right, even before you spend time with them, building rapport, flirt and make commitments of money, trust, honesty.

Furthermore building and maintaining a strong relationship need time and effort, the hope is that the relationship evolves on to levels that keep things exciting all for the relationship to grow through the highs and lows of a partnership.

Even healthy relationships are not necessarily strong; building a strong relationship needs an injection of commitment or reassurance every now and then. Relationships that work are the ones that are worked on.

Support the Goal

The foundations of a strong relationship stem from the feelings of love, by just as importantly feeling respected and wanted. Compliments do not go unnoticed, and I don’t just mean about their looks or clothes.

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Compliments come in all shapes and sizes and the ones you give and the support you offer regarding how hard they are working on something, or how well they are doing towards a certain goal helps move the relationship forward together!



A strong relationship relies on a good structure, and this structure is put in place by the routine and rituals you place throughout the relationship as you move forward. Without any set goals, or plan of action, the relationship will dissipate.

The smallest of routines and rituals will help you touch base with one another, whether it’s sitting down to eat together in the evening, a regular date night to treat yourselves, or meeting a work colleague for a coffee each morning. These routines will create a platform to keep in contact, communicate and allows you to come closer together, no matter how busy your lives are.

Support Network

The relationship is not just the two of you; strong relationships feed off the support and positive examples provided by friends and family. Having a connection and communicating with friends and family helps the relationship grow to new levels.


Communicate about concerns and problems you face as well as the positive goals you are achieving. This communication will help nip problems in the bud, increase self-confidence and self-awareness as well as bring you all closer together.

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Communication is key; this is the building block to any strong relationship. Whether it’s your partner, friend, family or in work communication allows relationships to evolve. Improving communication within a relationship can help develop perspective and understanding.

Speaking to one another prevents either one of you getting left behind, little and often ways of communicating helps provide the fluidity a relationship needs. Without communication, the relationship dries up and you will find yourselves grinding to a halt very quickly. Using the above-mentioned rituals such as date night or dinner at the table after a busy day at work allows you both to stop, breathe and connect!

By Guest Author: Sandra Baker Visit Sandra’s Blog here


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