We all strive to learn, grow, be more, do more. We study, travel, develop different talents, try different flavours of everything we come across, all in an attempt to see how far we can go to experience the “newness” of self in our unique ways.

No life journey is alike, and therefore it’s hard to measure or quantify how much we have grown or how much is left to grow in our lifetime.


Life just asks us to jump, and we say “how high?”

Answering this question is different for everyone.

We fine-tune our worldview,set  our boundaries and expectations,  choose our milestones and set goals accordingly and start walking (well actually crawling at first) and then running until we reach our goal, recalibrate our timer, set new goal, adjust our perspective, trigger the  starting gun and start the whole crawl, walk, run cycle again.81313C65-77B1-4136-A0FB-630DB6CEBE3A

We notice all shades of emotions along with our path –  the pain, doubt, runner’s high, bliss, joy, a disappointment if we stumble and fall – but in the end, we feel good crossing that finish line and achieving yet another personal best time.

Imagine billions of others running along their routes and crossing their finish lines and exceeding their expectations and goals.


Now imagine all the paths collapsing into one dynamic thread, with interrelated and interdependent collaborative parts, a moving flowing wave that has no beginning and no end. That’s life.

One could zoom in and observe individual paths, but it would be impossible to separate it from the whole.

Focusing on our path while having an awareness of how it fits the bigger picture is hard. It requires being what scientists would call “quantum” awareness.

There is a concept of butterfly effect in quantum physics that is widely quoted but scientifically unsupported (yet) – a butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the world and causes a hurricane on the other side of the world.

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Maintaining multiple perspectives at once necessitates a shift of perspective from singular to integrated that is unfamiliar to us and not something we are accustomed to doing.

It’s easier to see others running along our path as competitors – then achieving our time becomes less important than coming second to the finish line.

Most of us tend to be stuck in this perspective where fear of losing to the other pervades our life journey.

It’s much harder to take ownership and be responsible for our path if we assume it’s not just our path – it’s all other paths in one.

Or Go Even Higher – The Entire Universe

What if all that we have learned so far prepared us to be more aware that anything we do or change on our path impacts the whole.

We have studied and mastered the knowledge of the “the parts” we use in our life journeys individually – religion, spirituality,  science, politics, sports, art, work, emotions, education…the challenge is always to detach from the “part” thinking to the “system” thinking.

What if the entire life experience is designed to help us grasp this concept and take full responsibility for owning our paths and all the interesting parts because each is the reflection of the system as a whole.

Let’s Explore This Further

The mirroring concept – as above so below –  that pervades many areas but will focus on two specific ones here:  integrating physical and spiritual dimension and popular twin flame experience.

The Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponono offers an interesting perspective that everything that one experiences on the outside is a direct reflection of one’s inner world.

Encountering any person, situation or circumstance one experiences in their physical life, then, is viewed as a direct reflection of one’s subconscious and one could then choose to ACT accordingly to “clear”  or “accept” such encounters as an integral part of healing and finding a balance between physical and spiritual experiences as one.

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The twin flame concept is gaining traction in recent years and has a large following.


It posits that two people share the same energetic frequency, same spiritual blueprint, one reflecting feminine aspect and the other masculine aspect of one soul.

The union of twins is not complete until each aspect is perceived as whole unto itself and not dependent on the other to be complete (it’s two wholes coming together and not two “halves” to form a whole).

The biggest challenge for twins is to own their journeys independent of their counterpart yet knowing that by doing so is bringing them closer to the union.

The more they become emotionally attached to the other, the further apart they become in the physical life.

The reason why this concept is so popular is because it requires one to shift their perspective from seeing this relationship as purely romantic (and applying standard sleeping beauty and the prince on the white horse concept), to the one requires them to go further and expand on this by adding aspect of fully owning their own path of self love and accepting who they are without the other.

Want to experience Universe within?

Immerse yourself in the ocean within and find your mojo – there are many more ways to finding your own beyond the two described above, or better yet create one that works for you.

Embrace your path fully while practising developing and holding multidimensional perspective, and learning to treat and balance emotions as your diligent assistants, knowing that your journey is the journey of the collective as a whole.

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