Karmic relationships and twin flame relationships have different characteristics but can cross over. 

A twin flame may initially appear as a karmic partner, but they can morphe into your twin flame after karmic healing occurs between you both.

Both karmic and twin flames have a deep attraction and blind desire to unite specifically for this reason. 

Crazy times have brought many possible twin flame parings together, and timelines sped up to fit. 

Many, but not all, twin flames required are in a physical union at this time.

To have a deep understanding of how a karmic relationship can turn into a twin flame relationship, we have to look at all these relationships’ perspectives and some other variations in between. 

What is a Karmic Relationship?

A karmic relationship is a bond between two souls, which is there because of the karmic energy binding them. 

The karmic relationship often starts with an intense attraction and bonkers over the top energy. In the beginning, it appears like a perfect bond. 

You want to hold on to the feeling from the first time you met, but it keeps slipping away from you like sand running through your fingers. 

Whether the karma is positive or negative from shared past lives, the karmic energy brings these two souls together to heal wrongs and receive rights setting the karma straight.

It is just one of the beautiful laws of the universe taking place between you; there is no avoiding the flow.

Eventually, the lessons will push you to correct yourself; if you are not ready or willing to do the work, it will start to drain you emotionally and physically. 

It is important as this relationship helps your soul to grow like no other.

Although it is undefinable how long a karmic relationship will last, it always provides lessons to grow and heal; sadly many last a lifetime in a karmic battle.

In this relationship, pain, and passion run side by side with love and hate. How and if it ends between the two parties is up to their desire to evolve and grow.  

Having someone make you accountable for your past mistakes is uncomfortable but essential for those who do not want to face the truth. 

The karmic relationship is necessary because it pushes you forward and serves up the life lessons you couldn’t have learned otherwise. 

It comes to polish your soul and shows you how to heal and be a better you. 

If you do the work, face yourself, and grow, you can elevate and achieve your goals.

What is a Twin Flame Relationship?

Twin flames come together because there is a strong spiritual soul tie.

Twin flames are two people having one soul blueprint energy between them; they are like yin and yang and complete each other. 

Your twin flame is your opposite half that provides the home you feel in their arms. 

You don’t need to see them but catching a glimpse of your twin flame in a vast crowd allows you to feel the dynamic power cable connecting you.

Your soul feels nourished when you connect to your twin flame because it is supercharged with high energy.

There is a divine mission between twin flames, and the power given helps them to forge on and complete the stages as they arise.

The twin flame relationship awakens your soul and provides clarity of thought. You become laser in your decisions and integral in all you do. 

But even your twin flame will have to push you if you drag your heels towards mission completion, and this is where a karmic crossover appears.

Why do you find yourself in a Karmic Relationship when you want to be with your Twin Flame and Achieve the Divine Mission?

Twin flames have karmic energy to settle too and are often cast into the karmic relationship pile too fast. 

Every soul has to activate any negative debts of their karma into positive deeds to find a negative balance. 

This action accounts for a soul with no soul baggage and free to move to a high energy position. 

When you learn to always employ integrity within yourself, you become ready for such a position. 

And this is where we find two bonded souls reincarnating, again and again, to be ready for the twin flame union. 

In a karmic mode, every failed attempt to be happy together increases the karmic debt and separates them further. 

It does not have to be like this as every grievance has a lesson to provide if you allow it.

When this lesson is fully absorbed, the distance between twin flames uniting shortens. 

It is wise not to miss a chance to learn a lesson; a missed message lengthens the distance between possible meet-ups between flames. 

A missed union is where many people find themselves at this particular point in time.

If you missed physically residing with your twin flame before we all had to wear masks, chances are you never will. 

Not all possible twins flame souls born here for this time will get to participate. Those united in physical union are the ascension team. 

Those left longing with continents between them will not activate for the task as only a certain amount is needed. 

The work is well underway and the ones who missed out will still get their chance, but not on this timeline.

What is The Connection Between Karmic Relationships and Twin Flame Relationships?

You might find your twin flame instantly and early in your life cycle, but as you both (or one) have the karmic debt, the relationship never works out or runs hot and cold.

 As you still have lessons to learn, the karmic imprints impact the spiritual connection and even disturb the cords that connect you. 

When this happens, the twin flame relationship becomes karmic to cleanse the souls for activation. 

It will only ever be a karmic relationship if you can not fix the karma it creates.

You found each other early on in your lives to give you ample time to heal and gain the capacity to hold great soul energy.

As a twin flame’s energy is higher than other souls not in twin flame mode, any karma also created multiples many folds. 

They have to clear the debt to become one finally. But failure to do so only creates more karma to repay. 

A Twin Flame Relationship Will Never Be Just a Karmic Relationship

How can that be when both souls have to clear the karma they have created together? 

Karmic Relationships don’t mean to last forever – when there is no debt, both souls part their ways.

However, twin flames are one soul blueprint into two bodies; after going through the necessary changes, they need to be together. 

How much debt is to be paid by one soul usually impacts the other. Being a twin flame means repeatedly meeting until you achieve what you have always been here. 

If one twin flame has already awakened and cleared much of the karma between them, it is a better set up for their union. 

Unlike a karmic relationship, when the debt is neutral, there is no reason to stay together; but with twin flames, there is a reason to hold on to this relationship. 

Things become more evident, and there is a will to evolve and grow together as there are no karmic imprints to stop you.

When this level between you happens, you will prosper together, and a karmic relationship will evolve into a twin flame union.