One of the main topics at hand when clients visit their psychic is often their soulmate. What will they look like? When will you meet them?

A psychic is a perfect person to ask these questions, as it is a common task for a psychic to intuit a person’s soulmate.

However, your psychic cannot tell you a name or an accurate physical description. Instead, the image they see is packed with metaphor.

For you to understand your psychic’s vision of your soulmate, you have to understand the metaphors.

How A Psychic Sees Your Soulmate

When you ask your psychic to find your soulmate, they will ask you some questions and enter a trance state.

During the trance state, images will appear to the psychic. At first, they will be blurred, out of focus and a little vague.

As you interact more, the vision will become more apparent. But what the psychic sees is not a physical, literal image of your soulmate. Instead, it is a symbolic representation.

Often, the image will include elements that are very unlikely in the real world. These are archetypal traits, stand-in symbols for specific actual characteristics belonging to your soulmate.

Metaphors To Look Out For

There are endless symbols that might appear to your psychic when discovering your soulmate, but there are a few common ones that crop up more often than the others.

If your soulmate wears a crown, sits on a throne or has any other regal traits, it is a sign that they are of high status, with a good job or prominence in the community.

If they are wearing a ring, they have been married before. They might also be a member of a secret society.

If he wears a uniform, he is loyal and hard working. If it is military or police, he naturally leaps to defend the weak against the powerful.

A vision of your soulmate on horseback means that he will arrive in your life very quickly, and your romance will be fast-paced and exciting.

If he is fully laden, carrying bags or dragging a ball and chain, he will have a lot of emotional baggage that he is carrying around that he needs help to get rid of.

Similarly, if he is wounded, then he will experience complete heartbreak before meeting you, and it will be up to you to put the pieces back together.

If he is sat at a desk working, he might still be in college or university. It is likely you will meet him during this or shortly afterwards, especially if you are also studying.

There are many more symbolic elements to a psychic soulmate reading than we can list here.

Paying attention to the elements, thinking metaphorically and surrendering yourself to the process are all ways that you can improve the accuracy of your reading.

Just don’t take things too literally. Your psychic can tell you who your soulmate is – they just can’t tell you exactly who your soulmate is.

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