There are many reasons why we might seek the expert help of a trained psychic.

They can tell us more about the energetic manifestation of our spiritual state, advising us on clearing away negative energies, balancing our chakras and progressing along our spiritual journey.

But perhaps the most common questions trained psychics get asked are related to love, soulmates and twin flames.

It is no surprise. It can be very frustrating when we feel we are ready to meet our twin flame and the universe just does not agree.

A trained psychic can give you some information about your twin flame, but due to the nature of their psychic powers and the energies we put out at all times, this information can often be unclear or incomplete.

However, there are some ways in which a session with a trained psychic can really help concerning your twin flame.


A trained psychic can tell you if your first reunion with your twin flame is going to happen soon.

But they cannot tell you exactly when. That kind of information is not just put out into the world and depends on many different mechanisms with many moving parts.

But if the meeting is imminent, a psychic can see that.

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It is because you experience a sharp spike in vibrational energy frequency when you are about to meet your twin flame.

This spike in energy is as clear as day to a trained psychic when they look at your aura.

If you feel a surge in vibrational energy, then a session with a trained psychic could reveal whether or not that wave is a sign that you are about to meet your twin flame.

Recent Meeting

The same techniques can be used when you suspect you may have just met your twin flame.

The effect the twin flame meeting has on your energies and frequencies can be seen by a trained psychic.

This transformative property of the twin flame relationship and meeting is evident to any trained psychic that has previously seen your aura.

If you suspect that you might have met your twin flame – and there are many signs you can watch for – then a session with a trained psychic may help to confirm or deny your suspicion.

Current & Prospective Partners

Another way a trained psychic can help identify your twin flame is to take a couples session with them.

When twin flames are together on the physical plane, a trained psychic can see the energy interactions between your auras and can confirm the nature of the relationship.

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Similarly, they can see when the auras are swirling together in the classic twin flame rope.

It can be a good idea to check with a trained psychic when you enter into a committed, long-term relationship to check if this person is your twin flame or not.

One last thing – you must remember only to visit a trained psychic that you trust. Taking advice from friends and family is a must to avoid bad spiritual guidance.