Our soulmates can be thought of as our close soul relatives – siblings, cousins, peers in our soul group.

While we do not share a soul with our soulmates as we do with our twin flame, we are split from the same ancestor soul a level or two up the universal tree of consciousness.

We are branches that almost touch.

It is for this reason that we are so spiritually and energetically attuned to our soulmates – we are related souls and share more in common than we have differences.

And this attunement allows for a spiritual connection between soulmates that struggles to exist outside of our soul group. This is the soulmate connection – a connection to which we might be able to communicate telepathically.

The Soulmate Connection

The soulmate connection is much like the famed silver cord of the twin flame connection but is a lot weaker.

Unlike the silver cord, the soulmate connection is entirely breakable – indeed, it need not exist at all (though it usually does).

But the connection is still a very strong one, even if it can be severed. And the strength of this link allows it to carry our thoughts, emotions and – if adequately utilised – intentional messages.

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In fact, we might already be in telepathic correspondence with a soulmate without even knowing it.

When we experience unexplained emotions that feel foreign or experience a short episode of depersonalisation or ego loss, there is a good chance that we are experiencing this kind of telepathic communication.

Nailing down where that has come from is the problematic part and may require a trained psychic expert.

But if we find ourselves wanting to send a specific message to a soulmate rather than just hearing muffled emotions and thoughts without meaning to, there are two relatively easy ways to do it.


While we dream, we encounter members of our soul group all the time. Though they might be distant on the physical plane, they are mere steps from us on the spiritual plane.

If we know our soulmate, we can simply look for them in our dreams and deliver the message there. Easier said than done, of course, but the determined soulmate can learn to lucid dream to make this easier.

Without lucid dreaming, we are slaves to spiritual guidance and must wait until our spirit guides see fit to furnish us with an opportunity to send a message. That’s where the other method comes in.


The best way to communicate telepathically with a soulmate is through meditation.

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Enter a meditative state in the usual way. Once we are aware of our energies and spiritual links, we can ask our spirit guides to deliver a message through the soulmate connection.

We should visualise this connection as a beam of energy extending across the spiritual plane from our heart chakra.

Then, speak the message. Try to keep it short and sweet, and it will come out clearer at the other end.

One last thing to note is that the strength of the soulmate connection directly dictates our ability to utilise it for communication.

Therefore, to maintain this method of communication, we must ensure that we maintain and strengthen the spiritual connection we share with our soulmate.

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