Can soulmates feel each other? The soulmate relationship is a soul level relationship that we share with people whose souls have come from the same “oversoul”.

These people are in our soul group and we share a lot in common with them on a spiritual level.

Because of this, soulmates can often feel each other.

Our ability to feel our soulmates is rooted in the vibrational frequencies of our spiritual soulmate connection and, when we are with each other, by the harmonic properties of our auras.

Let’s take a more in-depth look and how it is that soulmates can feel each other.

Looking For A Soulmate

The soul likes to be with its soulmates. It pulls us towards each other on the physical plane because of our proximity on the spiritual plane.

This is useful to us as we often have many lessons to learn from our soulmates that will help to push us along on our spiritual journey.

And so it is when we establish a spiritual connection – or rather, activate the pre-existing soulmate connection – that we begin to sense our soulmate.

This usually begins in dreams. We might dream of a person who we have yet to realise in our physical minds is a soulmate.

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But on the soul level, and through our intuition, we know that we are interacting with a soulmate.

It feels special and intense, not like just another background character populating our dreams.

Usually, this is a precursor to meeting them, though it might well be that we have already met them without knowing it. In fact, this is very common.

The point of it is to familiarise us with the unique energy patterns that our soulmate puts out.

It signals to us the significance of this person to our spiritual journey and allows us to pursue a relationship with them – in one form or another.

When A Soulmate Is Near

And eventually, we will meet them, or see them again.

And it is then that we will feel our soulmate – feel them on a spiritual, intense level.

When soulmates are near each other, both feel a sudden and sometimes disorienting upshift in vibrational frequency.

This is a soul level attunement, a result of the harmonies created by our vibrations interacting with each other.

This manifests itself in all sorts of ways.

The immediately obvious way this manifests itself is through whole body tingling, shortness of breath and intense nervousness or excitement.

Suddenly, the importance of what might have been an incidental or seeming inconsequential meeting hits us, and we might even clam up a little.

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That’s okay, and they’re feeling the same way.

From afar or in proximity, soulmates are connected on a deep spiritual level.

The difference between a soulmate connection and a less spiritual connection is stark and evident from the moment we feel it.

So if you are asking yourself:

“Can soulmates feel each other?”

Then the answer is: Yes.

Article written by spiritualunite. Please link back to the original article when sharing. Namaste.