Twin flame relationships are the most beautiful but the hardest relationship in your life.

If you are lucky enough to face your twin in your life, then you surely know what we are talking about. If not, then you must be baffled because a twin flame relationship is what you seek.

Twin flames have the deepest love, more than any other relationship because they both are the parts of a single soul. But this love comes with so many lessons that might shatter you from time to time and take away all your energy.

When one soul divides to reside in two bodies, it keeps it positive as well as negative traits. Twins are just like Ying and Yang. One is incomplete without another.

Accepting each other becomes highly problematic for the twins because they are unable to repel the force of attraction present between them. Encountering your twin is the toughest thing you might have done ever.

If twins are unable to understand one another, a runner chaser phase starts. Many times, you must have read that it is just a phase that passes by, and every twin flame relationship has a happy ending; but, is it true?

Could twin flames fall out of love? Yes, the love fire could extinguish one day. One or both twins could run away from each other by overcoming the attraction between them to never return.

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There are so many things that are occurring on a spiritual level when you meet your twin. Things become harder for the one who has recognized the twin as their counterpart. They want their other half to know they exist and to do that; they make many mistakes that make their association even more strained.

The connection of the twins becomes highly complicated especially when one twin starts chasing the other one blindly.

Accepting something on a spiritual level requires time, and the chaser doesn’t give the time to the runner to stop and think about the relationship which in turn makes things go wrong.

 You could try these ideas to spark the attraction again:

  • Learn to love unconditionally – but start with yourself
  • Don’t chase the runner and let them run – it would give them time to think about you and your existence
  • Try to improve yourself overall and do what your twin loves to see in you
  • Don’t let the sadness of your twin engulf you because it would surround you with negative energies and make you less attractive
  • Don’t go near your twin like you used to and give them space – it would make them think about you even more
  • Be yourself and don’t pretend because your twin is your counterpart and their soul could recognise the fake in you immediately
  • Stay away but don’t make your absence permanent – somehow, your twin should always know that you are around
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A twin flame could fall out of love and as the counterpart, it is your responsibility that you make them remember what this relationship truly means, but you need to do it wisely.