Can Twin flames forget each other, accept their separation, and just move on? Ask yourself ― can you really break-free from a part of yourself?

Sure, with time, it can become suppressed or dormant, but you can’t just cut it out of you. Your ability to experience the gamut of human emotions cannot be taken away from you.

Your mind can’t forget how to feel joy. It can’t unlearn grievance. Similarly, you and your twin flame are bound in spiritual blood. Universal energy fuels your bond.

You were one, before your birth, and no force of nature can break that union. It’s futile to hide or run away from your twin flame partner.

We try to run from ourselves our whole life, but where does it get us? Do we succeed? Does it give us peace? No! We only pacify our demons, when we embrace ourselves.

And Twin flame is just a piece of us that scattered away ― just waiting to be found again.

The myth of “Twin flame forgetfulness” has been fueled by charlatan spiritual practitioners, who don’t know any better.

To understand the dynamics of a twin flame bond, you must first completely immerse yourself in its deep abyss.

You can’t just taste your twin flame’s love, and profess that you’ve understood all there is to know about a twin flame relationship.

A twin flame relationship is terrible and euphoric at the same time. It binds you and also becomes a means of your freedom.

We are creatures of mediocrity ― running from everything that remotely disturbs our peace. But, trust me, when you are in a twin flame relationship, it will rip you apart, and you will want to be torn by it into tiny little scraps.

It won’t matter what you want or what your will is. A soul contract binds you, and you have to fulfil it at all costs.

At times, it might seem that this soul contract and the twin flame union is destroying you, and leaving you in a state of dismay ― but with time, you’ll understand that all of this was for your betterment.

If you run away from the clutches of your twin flame relationship, it will only prolong the inevitable, and make matters worse for you.

On the other hand, if you work things out between you and your twin flame, and heal each other through constant struggle, you’ll reap well-deserved rewards of your efforts.

Sometimes, we think that we know it all. We feel as if we’re in control, but that is farther from the truth.

We listen to the opinions of our friends and family who have never submerged themselves in a twin flame relationship ― instead of listening to our intuitions.

Your cardiac compass will always point in the direction of your twin flame. Follow your heart, and find your truth, instead of falling prey to the scepticism of the world.

Never settle for something mediocre! The pursuit of love is demanding. It is never easy.

So, can twin flames forget each other? Absolutely not!