Can you feel your soulmate’s pain?

To answer this, we must first assess what a soul connection is and how it ties soul mates together.

A soulmate connection is a profound spiritual connection which creates a “mind bridge” or a “telepathic bridge” between soulmates.

It’s similar to an inseparable cord through which thoughts, perceptions and even consciousness is aligned.

What do I mean by that? Let me elaborate.

You might have often heard people saying, “I can feel my soulmate’s pain, I can actually feel their crippling and crushing depression”.

The reason why people feel this even though everything in their lives is beautiful is because of a cerebral link.

When we meet our soulmate, out life no longer “solely” stays ours.

We share every aspect of our lives with them.

So, can you feel your soulmate’s pain? Absolutely!

The universal source endows telepathic powers to those who love truly.

And no one is more deserving of these powers than fated lovers.

Their spiritual alignment is pronounced to such an extent that they can even alter each other’s moods, simply by changing their feelings.

So, in a way the soulmate connection is a blessing and a curse

When both soulmates are happy, it’s all sunshine and rainbows.

They feel like an indestructible force, immune to the plague of anxiety and depression.

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But when one of them falls into an endless spiral of loneliness and sadness, both of them feel trapped.

It is also one of the reasons why soulmate relationships don’t typically end well.

And their aftermath is even more soul-shattering because for a soul connection to dissipate, it must first retake all the spiritual energy it delivered to the soulmates in the first place.

No species on the planet earth can harness the power of empathy like humans do.

That is the sole reason why they’re able to develop spiritual powers of the highest order.

Empathic soulmates are different than ordinary lovers because they can tap into your subconscious.

You can easily confide in them because you know their intentions are pure.

You feel a sense of familiarity with them.

It’s easy for you to confide in them.

You casually spill your deepest and darkest secrets whenever you’re talking with them.

Your unique behaviour can be attributed to “Empathy” and “Telepathy”, both of which are sustainers of a soulmate relationship.

I hope the answer to “Can you feel your soulmate’s pain?” is crystal clear to you now.

To some people, the concept of “telepathy” might seem a distant reality, but those who have had the privilege of spending time with a soulmate will know of what of its true capabilities.

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With a great telepathic lover comes great responsibility, so make sure you use it wisely and cautiously.

When such a power is abused, it corrupts its users.

Remember the implications of your actions.

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