Twin flames are made from a single ball of energy. They were a single life form before their division and separation into different planes.

Many people, in recent times, have raised the question of more than one twin flame, but it’s entirely absurd to think that such a thing is possible.

Twin flames aren’t soul mates. They are mirror souls of each other, and they vibrate on the same spiritual level.

They are an unbridled stallion and a vigorous uncontrolled chemical reaction.

When they meet each other, they feel a cataclysmic surge of energy that unsettles their whole being. So, claiming that a duplicate twin flame can exist is downright preposterous.

In our lives, we come across people who make us feel quite similar to how an actual twin flame makes us feel. They spike our energy levels, unsettle our nerves, and make us go frantic.

However, our union with them is short-lived, because we can’t co-exist with a person who doesn’t possess the same energy as our twin flame does.

We only feel this immense surge of energy around them, because they share certain similarities with our real twin flame.

Humans are resoundingly different, and yet they’re so blandly similar. Twin flame imitators are not so dissimilar to this.

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They might share the same traits, possess the same personality or might have undergone similar experiences in their life as your real twin flame has, but this doesn’t mean that they can just slide into your life, and replace your real twin flame.

Sooner, rather than later, the mask falls off, and you’re able to see things clearly. It’s increasingly hard to differentiate between a fake twin flame and an actual twin flame. Only time can reveal the truth.

However, people have who have accessed the fifth dimension courtesy of spiritual ascension can become the subjects of infinite possibilities, and consequently meet countless twin flames in their lives. In theory, it all sounds pretty simple, but it’s a rare occurrence.

Only a select few people can step foot in the fifth dimension, and breathe the air of timelessness. In the fifth dimension, linear time ceases to exist, which means that our reality changes every time we shift between timelines. So, in this dimension, we get the freedom to choose a possibility of our liking.

However, in the third and fourth dimension, time reinstates its reign and limits us to a single timeline. If there is a single possibility, then there is only one physical body in which a twin flame can incarnate into.

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So, the question of more than one twin flames is rendered useless.

Sometimes, a twin flame from the 5D dimension teleports to the 3D dimension to teach us an invaluable lesson or edge us closer to our real twin flame.

However, the possibility of this happening is low, yet it’s still entirely possible and one explanation of why people feel as if they have more than one twin flame.

Bottom line, the claims of more than one twin flame in the 3D and 4D dimensions are baseless, but when it comes to the fifth dimension, everything is possible.