A soulmate is someone you accept wholly. You connect with them and respect them on a deep level – one that is beyond the comprehension of others.

Only you two can feel this linking energy tying your soul threads together. A deepening physical and mental intimacy develops between the both of you.

It enables you to share each other’s pain and happiness. A soul mate’s love is reassuring and healing. It’s meant to foster originality.

You complement each other in ways that astound your senses. A seamless and healthy rapport encompasses you in harmony.

A soul mate is your whole life, and you resonate with them on a spiritual level. They amplify your spiritual energy and acts as an impetus towards spiritual ascension.

Your relationship is not controlling, obsessive or tainted with envy. Instead, it makes you free from all that is sinister and malevolent.

You two can communicate with each other even when you’re completely quiet or far away from each other. You can reach out by sending thoughts of love and affection each other’s way.

However, a large age difference can sometimes make things complicated. If your soul mate is a lot younger than you, then he might not be spiritually evolved.

He might not vibrate at the same level as you do. He might lack the mental maturity a 35-year-old has. But, that doesn’t mean that he is not your soul mate.

Love does not care about time or place. It crosses paths with you when you least expect it to, and leaves you dumbfounded.

So what does it mean if you meet a soul mate who is a lot younger than you? How do you proceed in such a perplexing situation? Your soul mate has arrived in your life at such an early point for a reason.

You must act as the driving force for his spiritual illumination. Once he spends time with you, he will learn newer things.

He will have unprecedented experiences, and his soul will grow exponentially.

Even if such a different relationship ends in disaster, it will give your young soul mate a necessary life lesson.

They will soon realise their inadequacies, fears and equip himself to deal with these mental shackles that have held them captive for many years.

They will break the cerebral walls that have impeded his progress towards eternal love and bliss.

So, even if you meet your soul mate when they lack spirituality, you can stimulate them to awaken their spirit and soul.

You can teach them that there’s more to life than worldly attractions and meaningless careers.

You can help them align with their higher self, and undergo a life-altering experience. Their spiritual growth depends upon you.

You have a responsibility because you are the key to their future. Everything in this universe happens for a reason.

Nothing is incidental. If your soul mate comes your way, do not reject them or disgorge them into the slums of their body.

Embrace them, and make them realise their full potential.

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