What are soul contracts?

Within every living being, resides a soul. The belief that our soul is, in fact, our ‘real’ form and our body is merely a physical embodiment of our soul is an ancient one.

Our soul has been wandering from one body to another for decade’s ― hence, the belief in ‘past memories’. The spiritual world offers vast explanations to phenomenon’s once considered unnatural.

Throughout its existence, our soul makes numerous contracts with various entities. These contracts vary and are of multiple types, but predominantly of five types.

Since our soul is, in fact, our personality, we feel obligated to live up to those contracts in our present form. We have absolutely no recollection of ever making them.

We’re honouring contracts we never remember signing.

How a soul contract can affect someone

A soul contract shapes our personality. It characterises our personality with various features such as loyalty and honesty.

To understand whether or not you have any soul contracts, you must first examine yourself.

Are you prone to doing something excessively or even destructively? For example; even though you’re not in a loving relationship or a healthy working environment, you still feel the need to be loyal to your partner or your boss.

It’s clear that this loyalty isn’t honourable; it’s harming your well-being and causing you physical or mental anguish.

Similarly, you’re prone to go out of your way to ensure other people’s happiness while often forsaking your own.

To top it all off, you’re depressed continuously over all of your tendencies. You know it’s excessive and damaging to your wellbeing, but you can’t seem to shake off that habit.

Well, that’s because you have an on-going soul contract which bounds you in such a state.

How to cancel soul contracts:

Cancelling soul contracts might seem impossible or cumbersome, but they’re not that hard to cancel. First of all, you must distinguish between what’s in your control and what’s out of it.

Are you like the way you are because of circumstances or have you been this way since the start? If it’s because of conditions, then it’ll go away once the circumstances revert back to normal.

If in case it’s been this way since the start, then you can say that a soul contract binds you.

Now, there are various kinds of soul contracts – loyalty, honesty, rage, charity etc. It’s an inexhaustible list of excessive tendencies.

To cancel your soul contract, you need to find peace and serenity. You must declare to yourself that you wish to relinquish yourself of the agreement.

Granted, for some people it may work immediately, and for some, it might take a while.

The main thing here is that you have to repeat it to yourself over and over again until your contract fades away.

You need to have firm belief in the fact that this isn’t you; it’s something more than comprehension. So, just keep going and repeating to yourself that you’re essentially done with being the way you were. Let belief and tenacity fuel your struggle.