If you look at the cat animal totem as a guide, you can learn a lot about yourself by studying the symbolism of cats and their totemic powers.

We couldn’t possibly cover every piece of feline symbolism in this article – or even a thousand articles! People have spent their whole lives interpreting their animal totems without the well ever running dry.

But you don’t need to start from scratch (no pun intended). There are common symbolic meanings to the cat animal totem.

If you have the cat as your animal totem, this is what you need to know:Cat Animal Totem


The cat often symbolises femininity, and your feminine side is an essential part of who you are – regardless of your gender.

You might find yourself struggling with femininity. As a woman, you might find it difficult or threatening to engage with other women.

As a man, you might struggle to see what femininity means to you as a modern man.


The cat is a very independent creature. Of all the pets we keep, cats are the most capable of living without us.

You are highly independent, too. You neither need nor want oversight at work, you prefer to spend time alone most of the time, and the few friends you regularly make an effort to see are chosen because they are the few you respect.

You remain loyal to those few friends for life.

A Keen Observer

Your powers of perception and intuition are above average, perhaps even better.

It comes from a preference to sit back and observe people rather than getting involved from the start.

If you decide to contribute to a conversation, you make sure you have something important to say first, and you pay close attention to the reactions of others.

These skills come in handy, giving you a keen social awareness and unique insights into the thoughts of others.

As a side note, if your cat animal totem is a black cat, then you are likely to have latent psychic powers, which can manifest if untrained as almost supernatural intuition.

Stubborn & Distant

Not everything is peachy for those with a cat animal totem.

Just as a cat won’t play fetch, you won’t play ball if you think someone is trying to tell you what to do.

Nor will you admit defeat in an argument or debate, preferring to stick to your guns rather than opening your mind.

This ultimately stems from arrogance, perhaps due to higher intelligence or achievements. Guarding against arrogance should be a priority for you, as arrogance has never helped anyone achieve their goals.

When To Call On Your Cat Animal Totem

Finally, you should know what situations can be helped by calling on your cat animal totem.

The following things fall within this domain:

  • Needing independence, or help getting out of a situation.
  • Practising the art of seduction.
  • When you fall victim to arrogance or elitism from friends.
  • Health problems; Cats are associated with physical healing.
  • You’re taking some time for yourself to recharge.

Of course, there are many other situations where you might call on your cat animal totem for assistance from the universe.