Cats are renowned for the symbolism that comes attached to them.

Uniquely among all animals, the cat is most easily symbolised through the colour of its fur rather than by its breed.

Each color has a separate symbolic meaning.

So we’ve put together this guide to the symbolism of the different cat colours. What does your cat represent for you?

Black Cat Symbolism

Black cats often get a bad reputation for being bad luck or bringing bad omens.

But in truth, the black cat has long symbolised good luck in many cultures.

Its negative symbolism is often rooted in traditional healing and herbalism, as herbalists used to keep black cats to help with their craft.

These herbalists were often described as witches, hence the popular archetype of the witch with the black cat.

Black cats actually symbolise health and medicine, which often means that they appear around people who are very ill to help guide them through the transition to their next life.

White Cat Symbolism

Another colour that symbolises good fortune is white, and the white cat brings good fortune from the spiritual realm.

Many people believe that spirit guides can manifest in the form of a white cat in times of need.

Psychics and mediums hold a particular affinity with the white cat, as these beautiful felines are drawn to spiritual energy.

Grey Cat Symbolism

The grey cat has strong symbolism for those experiencing difficult times or times of transition.

They bring out hope in us, helping us to understand our spiritual problems so that we can work to overcome them.

Theirs is a spirit of self-improvement and of changing with the journey.

Grey cats are also symbolic of the difficult decisions we must make as human beings and help us to reach the right conclusion when it isn’t clear precisely what the right choice is.

Orange Cat Symbolism

Orange cats are a far more exuberant breed, thriving on change and excitement.

They bolster our leadership instincts, driving us to take the wheel and start a new journey or new beginning.

Orange cats gravitate towards those who are making waves, trying to effect significant change in the world.

For this reason, many environmentalists and climate activists find themselves a companion in an orange cat.

Brown Cat Symbolism

The brown cat sits on the other end of the spectrum, representing a grounded attitude that prefers to do things at a steady pace.

Some enjoy the quiet life, and there’s no shame in that!

Some people find that when they get too tied up in big thinking and dreaming about what might be, a brown cat brings them back to reality and helps them to tend to their needs before pursuing their desires.

Black & White Cat Symbolism

The black and white cat, or Tuxedo cat, is an emblem of mischief and play.

It represents the need for a little good humour in our lives to break up the serious business of living.

Some believe that when we lose our childhood spirit, it lives on in black and white cats.

They remind us to let loose every once in a while and have some well-earned fun.

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