Cats Are The Magical Creatures on Earth

Are cats spiritual protectors? I am sure you have sensed that a cat has a big aura. And the aura extends to your family and home as well.

So, the next time your cat rubs against your legs.

The cat isn’t just trying to get some food from you, rather the cat is sharing the magic it carries (The astral force).

If you shoo away the cat, then the energy it was trying to share with you is blocked. Next time the cat won’t share the energy with you.

So it’s vital you maintain that connection with them, as one of the abilities the cat has is to protect your home from evil spirits and negative energy.

Therefore, cats are quite beneficial to you if you are moving to a new place.Cats Spiritual Protectors

Are Cats Spiritual Protectors Of Evil Entities?

Whenever a cat senses a spirit, they follow it to find out its intention to make sure the spirit won’t threaten its territory.

Particularly the cat will attempt to dispel it through their energy field displacement.

If that won’t work, then the cat will trap it in its energy field and lead it out of the house.

So pay attention to your cat if you see it return to a particular spot in your home.

They might tense up, and stare at something. Which is a strong indicator of an evil presence.

Likewise, you can help your cat remove the evil entity with a cleansing ritual.

And if you had known this about your cat, you can see how good they are at removing negative energy.

Are Cats Spiritual Protectors of Your Home?

The presence of your cat will protect you from any curses or evil eye.

For example, when you are in a conversation with someone, the best solution would be that you keep your hand on the cat.

Use your left hand to stroke their neck and the right one to stroke it’s tail allowing you to be in full contact with the cat.

You and your cat’s energy field will align together to keep you safe.

Because they are conduits of cosmic energy and bring positive energy to your home.Cats Spiritual Protectors

Are Cats Spiritual Protectors And Healers?

Cats are great healers. A cat of any breed or colour can heal you.

One of the methods of healing is just stroking the cat, which releases mental and emotional stress.

Cat Colour

If you are going to use the magical properties of a cat, then you need to know how to choose a cat.

Sometimes you need a black cat, or maybe a red-haired cat.

When you are choosing a cat for the magical procedure, it’s important to consider their colour.


Connects to witchcraft or occult powers. It also signifies protection and deep magic.

Black cats remove negative energy from homes and grant its master wisdom.


Red cats have the yang energy. And they signify magic, wealth, and focus.


Blue or smokey grey coloured cats bring love, good luck, happiness, and emotional stability. You can sense peace with blue cats.


White cats are considered good omens. Therefore bring a sense of beauty and admiration.

They heal, recharge energy, and relieve stress. They also create lunar magic.

Colour-point (Siamese) The royal Colour

They bring fame, success, and longevity. Likewise, they are known for solar magic and yang energy.

Calico – 3 coloured

Calico’s are the triple Goddesses. They bring luck to both land and sea. They also carry happiness and keep the family from harm.

Two-Tone – Gray and white – black and white – orange white

They bring the energy of wisdom, understanding, and common sense. They are friendly cats.


They bring healing and clairvoyance. They portray a woman’s magic because females only inherit their colour patterns.Cats Spiritual Protectors

Golden, Golden brown- Abyssinian

They represent solar magic and bring wisdom and grace; they help to master age-old wisdom.


They provide good luck, light, and energetic attitude. So They bring a cheerful mindset to situations, even when events are critical.

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