Every chakra has its different mode of expression, and they each show a separate arena of life. There’s a chakra connection between two people as well when they come in any form of relationship.

Chakra communicates by transmitting the energy from the right side and receiving it on the left side. When this happens, the flow remains balanced. However, it is not always necessary that the transmission is flawless. There could be a communication blockage in one or more chakra.

Whenever the chakra of the sender is blocked, damaged, and under or overactive, the good communication is disturbed. The chakra blockage, damage or activeness can be corrected by chakra visualisation, healing processes, meditation, and breathing exercises that focus on chakras.

How different chakra communication presents between two people is as follow:

The Sacral Chakra:

This chakra is associated with happiness, creativity and confidence. Along with that, it is also connected to fear, self-preservation and greed. When a couple communicates through sacral chakra, there’s a love that is dependent on comfort and wealth.

Their goal is to have a comfy life with a beautiful house having lavish furniture and a brand new fabulous car present on front. They want to work together to meet their desires.

The Root Chakra:

This chakra is related to the primal instincts and influence by sexual energy. It is the survival instinct chakra that motivates to stay alive.

It is also associated with ego and selfishness. The root chakra couple enjoys the company of each other especially sexually.

The Solar Plexus Chakra:

This chakra is connected to the energy chakras present in the light body and associated with goals, material pleasures and ambitions.

These couples have self-control from the young age and like to involve in sports and competitions. They want fame and prestige together.

The Heart Chakra:

It is the first chakra under the higher level energy centres which lead to a favourable relationship. These couples want happiness and peace for another and wish to live together.

The Throat Chakra:

The people who are motivated by throat chakra want to make their senses. These couples are spiritual. They find peace in meditation.

They cultivate honesty and self-control. They don’t require earthly emotions and only care about achieving their higher self.

The Third-Eye Chakra:

The people who are connected with third eye chakra practice self-realisation. Their profound harmony makes them give their lives for the happiness of others. Peace and contentment are their primary desire.

When together, they want to practice self-perfection and wish to know more about the universe together. Their relation is more spiritual than sexual.

The Crown Chakra:

The crown chakra is associated with the unearthly and mystical love. These couples don’t desire sex at all; it is just a worldly requirement in their relationship.

Their relation is more like a teacher and student connection in which one teaches, and other learn. They fully trust each other and remain loyal till their last breath. Their love type is of very high level. Even when they die, their connection remains intact.