Chemistry Vs Connection: A hot topic that has been debated over and over again. But some people still don’t understand the resounding difference between the two.

After reading this article, we’re pretty sure all your misunderstanding will be clarified.

Chemistry Vs Connection: Distinguishing factors

Spiritual Attraction

Sometimes, men’s behaviour confounds us. We have a perfect date with a guy― we talk, bond, stare into each other’s eyes with a big smile, but the next day he just vanishes into thin air.

He doesn’t call you or text you. Some people might say that he’s just a jerk, maybe so, but there’s more to it.

A guy who feels a spiritual connection never really detaches himself from his lover. And a spiritual attraction isn’t just limited to getting along and having a fun-time.

It doesn’t matter if you make his night. When his intuition says that you’re the right person, it won’t matter to him if you’re Angelina Jolie or not, he’ll still be into you nonetheless.

He’ll find ways to bump into you again. And trust me, spiritual attraction is not something you can just have with everyone. It’s a rare occurrence.

The heart itself approves of your partner

Recent research has suggested that the electromagnetic waves emitted by our heart control certain processes of the brain.

You might have heard certain people saying, “It just feels right in my heart”. Well, there’s a lot of truth in those words.

When we have a profound spiritual connection with someone, our heart continually draws us towards them. It validates our choice to spend time with them.

When you simply have chemistry with someone, your heart won’t drown in your partner’s absence. It won’t have the same intense feeling of lovesickness.

Some lovers teach us valuable life lessons. In their presence, we become better versions of ourselves. Our spiritual boundaries extend.

We become more self-accepting. We muster the courage to let go of the hatred within us.

If someone is the cause of all these things, then you don’t just have chemistry with him. You share a much more profound connection.

Guys who develop a spiritual connection with you are in it for the long-haul. They don’t manipulate you or make you feel bad around them.

They actually care about your feelings. They espouse your originality. They don’t want to be with a version of you who’s manufactured. Their freedom matters the most to them.

So in a pitting war between chemistry Vs connection, connection comprehensively beats chemistry because of its endurance.

Soul-mates and twin flames enjoy the perks of this connection in more than one way. They are able to communicate with each other through telepathy. Even if oceans separate them, they feel ever so close.

Chemistry Vs Connection is a sensitive topic, one that baffles many people. But, remember, people who have chemistry aren’t necessarily meant to be with each other.

Having a connection with someone, on the hander floats the possibility of a long-term romantic relationship.