In the culture of the Chinese, moles have meaning depending on where they appear on your body.

The Tung Shu (or Chinese Almanac) holds a vast amount of information and teachings written down by generations of sages and philosophers in Ancient China.

Within the Tung Shu is a guide to the placement of facial moles and their meaning.

It describes in detail the meaning of the exact positioning of a mole on the face.

Do you have a prominent mole on your face? Check below to see what the meaning is for you:

The 23 Positions Of Chinese Moles Meaning

The following positions of moles on your face indicate meaning within the Tung Shu, but it is only relevant if the mole itself is prominent and solitary.

That means that if you have many small moles on your face, it is probably only the most noticeable one that holds meaning if any of them do at all.

1. Upper Forehead (Center)

During childhood, you were filled with a rebellious spirit and a yearning for freedom.

You didn’t care much for rules and often found that being given free reign allowed you to excel, which has followed you into adult life.

Unfortunately, this usually means that you will have complicated relationships with your parents, as well as other authority figures throughout your life.

2. Between The Brow

You are prone to bluntness and brashness, preferring to act on impulse rather than thinking things through.

Arguments are normal behavior for you, and your aggressive nature can make others uncomfortable.

3. Above The Eyebrow

There is the potential for great wealth in your life, but you will have to work harder than most to attain it.

Be wary of trusting others, especially with your finances. You worry a lot about your friends and family, but mixing money into the equation will lead to harm and heartbreak.

4. On The Eyebrow

Moles on the eyebrow indicate the bearer has high creative potential and the opportunity for fame and success as an artist or in a creative field.

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5. Under The Eyebrow

You will experience a lot of trouble within your family and how you deal with that will affect your entire life.

Ensure that you put extra effort into your family relationships.

6. Bridge Of Nose

You have an optimistic spirit and positive attitude towards the challenges of life.

However, you should pay special attention to your financial wellbeing as you are likely to be weak in this area.

7. Tip Of Nose

A universally good omen, a mole on the tip of your nose indicates wealth, good luck, and success in your life.

8. Under Nose or Above Lip

Having an under nose or lip marking shows a strong family bond and a large family in your future.

These bonds will be a foundation for the rest of your life, leading to emotional and spiritual fulfillment.

9. Side Of Nose

You are likely to suffer from ill-health throughout your life, especially if this mole is particularly prominent.

Consider removing or covering this one up to dampen its effects.

10. Corner Of Mouth

Indicates someone who will achieve balance and success.

In the workplace, you will be very successful in gaining promotions and opportunities, which could lead to wealth and fame.

At home you will be fulfilled with the life you have created.

11. Under The Eye

If you have children, then they will be the biggest challenge of your life.

Learning patience is the key here as they will push you to your limits, but you must be calm and fair with them.

12. Under The Mouth

You have issues with food or eating. Often indicates allergies and intolerances, but can also show over- or under-eating.

13. On The Chin

You have itchy feet, always wanting to go somewhere new and see what it has to offer.

You are also extremely house-proud, even if you don’t remain in one house for long enough to see it made perfect.

14. On The Lip

Food and intimacy are going to be the most significant issues in your life, with you experiencing problems with both.

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Over-indulging in the kitchen or the bedroom can cause you to fall into depression and anxiety, as well as unhealthy relationships.

15. Upper Cheek

You will have great luck within your career and have a high chance of success in your field.

You will also become someone of high social prominence – a pillar of your community.

16. Upper Forehead (Off-Center)

You will have a chance at incredible wealth, but this will come from either inheritance or marrying into a wealthy family.

17. Outside Corner Of Eye

You have an excellent fortune in money matters, and you will develop many valuable friendships with your charm and charisma.

However, you have a weakness for the opposite sex and need to be conscious of the harm this can cause.

18. Between The Eyes or Upper Nose

You will have a life of prosperity and find that you can live comfortably no matter where you go.

Some people need to stay near home to succeed – you can go anywhere!

19. Above Corner Of Mouth

You will live an abundant and nourished life, finding prosperity and abundance with ease. You will receive significant recognition for your accomplishments.

20. Corner Of Eyebrow

You will develop an impressive skill set and gain fame and recognition for it. Well suited for CEOs and sports-people alike, this mole is one of the most coveted.

21. Ears

You are intelligent in both an academic sense and in terms of street-smarts.

Also, you are a kind and helpful person and use your brainpower to assist others.

22. Lower Cheeks

Your younger years will bring success and fortune, but you need to make the most of it while it lasts as your later life will be full of hardships.

23. Jawline (Off-Center)

While you will be prosperous and enjoy good fortune in your career and wealth, you are vulnerable to excesses and should ensure that you keep yourself in check with a moral code.

Don’t give in to vices and you will lead a happy life.