Choose One Ancient Muse To Receive Guidance For Your Life Path

Muses are goddesses of many things. They are known for literature, science and arts in Greek Mythology.

They were once the source of knowledge. They were also part of the Romans as part of their pantheon.

In English, it refers to a person who is inspiring. They either encourage an artist, musician, writer or just someone who wants to achieve more in life.

We can say some of our friends can be Muses. Do you have that person in your life? No matter what they always inspire you to do things better. They just make you feel better.

They build confidence in you. Its like magic or some sort.

Maybe you are that person. You just brush it off when someone mentions it. You love inspiring people because that’s who you are. You want the best for someone.

We all want a Muse in our life. In spiritual matters, the muse refers to our higher self. The extension of your soul. They always inspire the spark of magic within us.

That aha brilliant moment, the moment of inspiration that makes you do things better. You have a soul connection beyond the physical.

What kind of Muse do you have?

Concentrate on the four images and pick one, you feel connected to. Do you feel connected to this Muse? Then please share it with your friends.

Pick one

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