Your soul is eternal and it takes a different body when your body dies. Even though you body may disappear as well as mix with the ashes, your soul can live on and remain in the world for eternity.

The following ancient Indian symbols represent eight different types of souls that inhabit the planet. Choose one symbol to find out what type of soul you have:


– In case you chose this symbol, you may have a soul that’s new to this world. Your soul has recently come into existence. In addition, you might be the first person to carry it in yourself. So, your soul may be in need of understanding and exploration. You should find the real purpose of your soul.

Your soul is radiant, pristine, and pure. It’s unadulterated by the vices of the world as well as pure in its own way.

In case your actions are good, it’ll thrive. But, in case your thoughts are conceited, it’ll lose its innocence.

– In case you chose this symbol, your soul may create a connection between 2 extremities of evil and good. The 2 ends of the image indicate the 2 extremes of your personality. This means that your soul probably balances the 2 ends and it understands the distinction between what is wrong and what is right.

So, it’s grown to make the best decisions based on what it understands. Sometimes it can be quite difficult and you can feel the struggle. However, your soul does know more than you can think and if the choices become tough, it’ll come to your aid.


– In case you chose this symbol, your soul has probably been born to nurture as well as care for other people. Moreover, it’s come to this world to heal people that need your help.

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It’s a kind soul that can feel other people’s pain. So, you’ll find peace, when you help them. It’s a healer of any soul that is broken. You’ll often find yourself in a situation where you can either move away or be of help. Your soul will encourage you to act in a kind manner in such situation.


– In case you chose this symbol, your soul may be shrouded in enigma and mystery. It may fall in the grey zone between wrong and right. Additionally, it’ll always be beyond description.

It may add a dimension of complexity to your personality. It may make your personality move beyond the norms of society as well as make you a rebel of a kind. You won’t follow the rules since your soul isn’t meant to follow. What’s more, your soul will always encourage you to make your own way. That’s why you’ll always look at things in a different way.

– In case you chose this symbol, your soul may represent the vastness of the universe. It may keep within itself the enormity of the oceans as well as the beauty of the skies. The wisdom it has is surreal. It’s beyond the imagination of mere mortals.

It’s meant to identify the deep meaning of life. That’s not all, you’ll always try to pursue things, which are more important to humanity as a whole than to a person. Your soul will always guide you towards the greater truths of life as well as you’ll not be satisfied with either the trivial things or the worldly pleasures in life. You’ll find peace, when you identify your genuine purpose.

– In case you chose this symbol, your soul may be warm by nature. Your soul will not reject other people, regardless of who they are. It’ll comfort them as much as possible. The light of your soul will bring out the optimism in your personality as well as fill you with hope.

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That’s why it’ll make you warm, gentle, and calm. It’ll add to your kind personality and bring out the love that you have for other people. Furthermore, its warmth will make you comfort people in need and its optimism will give hope to other people.

– In case you chose this symbol, your soul may be alert, active, and itching to succeed. It’s driven to succeed with a company. It has infectious energy that may add to the vibrant nature of your personality. It may radiate a power of will and won’t allow you to rest until you achieve your goals.

Additionally, your soul is demanding, warm, and driven. It’ll demand you to always do your best as well as it’ll push you to your limits. However, it’ll not allow you to get vain in your success or forget people that helped you chase your dreams. It’ll keep you humble. That humility will define you as a person.

– In case you chose this symbol, your soul may possess fire. It’s a soul burning with desire and passion. It may have a sense of purpose driving it and it won’t rest until it accomplishes what drives it forward. Your soul is enigmatic, because it possesses love and rage at the same time.

So, your soul will always encourage you to excel. It’ll encourage you to be better each day and it won’t allow you to rest until you accomplish what your soul wants the most. If you seek vengeance, it’ll unleash the futy of hell. But, if you love, you will definitely love truly and unconditionally.