Clairsentience is the combination of two words. Here, the prefix Clair means clear and the suffix means the person’s ability to feel. On the whole, this word means clear feeling. It is the capacity to receive psychic information through sensing.

Clairsentience is the psychic sense that is a real gift of nature. The person is clairsentient when he can sense the energy even when it is not present in any physical state. There are some apparent clairsentience symptoms which distinguish a clairsentient from others. By knowing these clairsentience symptoms, you can answer many of the questions that bug your mind every day.

Having Increased Sensitivity:

You are a sensitive person by every means. When you enter the room, you quickly know what is happening. You can tell whether people are having a real time, or there’s some tension.

Sensing Heavy and Light:

Things are dark or light for you. The places or buildings especially feel heavy or light according to the energy they have. That’s why you may feel overwhelmed in the crowded area. You don’t feel much comfort when a group of people surrounds you.

Knowing What Lies Within:

You know people more than what they are pretending to be. You can judge people, and your judgment always proves right. You can easily understand people and their feelings. You can feel their pain and joy even when they don’t tell you. Simply by seeing the face, you can also tell when a person is telling a lie.

Clairsentience symptoms: Seeing The Unseen:

You can feel the presence of angels, spirits and ghosts. When there is positive energy around like angels, you can feel joy for no apparent reason. On the contrary, the presence of negative or dark energy makes you feel nauseated. You can even sense the minute temperature changes in the room when energy shifts.

You can even sense the feelings of your loved one from miles away without even contacting them. You can tell when they are sad, happy or in danger.

Rapid Changes in Moods:

As you are highly sensitive and can sense every change in the surroundings unconsciously, your mood always fluctuates. You feel sad and all of the sudden, you feel happy. Your mood also depends on the person you meet. Their energy influences you directly.

Experiencing Unknown Presence:

When you are alone, you feel someone is with you. Also, you can feel something touching your hair or a pat on the shoulder at the times when no one is around. Sometimes, your mind and body also become fully alert when there is no reason to be afraid.  You can also feel the presence of animals in the surrounding when there are none.

Take Home Message:

All these clairsentience symptoms might have helped you in knowing yourself a bit more. Many people are clairsentient, and they are using their natural gift correctly. You should also do it by following your intuitions. When you feel something, trust your instincts. Remember that, you are not crazy.  When your soul is communicating with you, you should listen to it.

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