Clairsentience or clear feeling is an exceptional ability to sense people’s feelings. A person possessing this superpower can perceive emotions that developed in the past, present or the future.

For instance, if you underwent a tragic event in your past, and it evoked feelings of pain and suffering, a clairsentience can accurately sense these negative emotions. Empaths and clairsentients share a close connection.

To be clairsentient, you must first learn the secrets of empathy. A person willing to attain the powers of clairsentience must learn to purge his heart of impurities.

If his heart chakra is blocked, he can never channel his clear sensing powers. He must have a deep-rooted sense of selflessness and love, to clear the negative energies impeding the flow of his heart chakra.

If you think you are clairsentient, you must exhibit these clairsentient signs.

Highly perceptive

A clairsentient is highly perceptive. He can judge a person’s feelings or emotions from afar.

That’s why he might often feel mentally distraught, without encountering anything harmful.

He absorbs negative energies emanating from different people, and this enables him to see clearly. But when you peek into the abyss, it stares back at you.

It leaves an impression on you. It induces you with the same hollowness.

Contacting spirits

Visualizing a spirit is a rare occurrence. However, a clairsentient is exceptionally aware of his surroundings.

He can sense if a spirit is residing in a particular building or a house. If you have well-developed powers of clairsentience, you can even talk to spirits, and follow their movements.

Physical Sensations

Due to their high sensitivity, their body reacts differently to different situations. For example, if they anticipate fear, a twinge of dread originates from their hearts.

They know if they’re around a manipulative person because their physical body elicits negative responses in their mind.

It warns them of the dangers that lie ahead if they choose to form a relationship with a particular person. Some manipulators are adept at concealing their negative energies.

It requires a highly evolved clairsentience to uncover the true face of such a deceiver.

Perceiving emotions with accuracy

Don’t confuse clairsentience with empathy. In empathy, you can sense other emotions, but in clairsentience, you can figure out a person’s plight with impressive precision.

You just have to direct your powers of clairsentience towards that person. Even if they’re miles away from you, you can sense that they’re lonely, depressed or anxious.

Deep emotional attachment

Clairsentience amplifies in magnitude when you’re in love. If your lover is undergoing a rough patch in life, it will affect you even if any atrocity does not beset you.

If you see these clairsentient signs in you, then you’re gifted and have a responsibility to use these powers for the greater good.