What does the colour of your eyes reveal about your personality?

Skeptic, but willing to consider the possibility: Read on!

Eye colours are determined by the genetic makeup of a person. Shifting through eye colours due to fluctuations in moods etc. is virtually impossible.

With that being said, I realise that we are all living in the twenty-first century where little is left to the imagination. Almost, all of our ‘if’s’ and ‘but’s’ have been scientifically answered.

For example; we cannot pre-determine our birth date. The standard nine months is just a rough approximation. We don’t control our Zodiac signs.

Yet, quite often, even the most cynic people have wondered at just how accurate their horoscope is.

Eye colour and personality:

As I’ve mentioned above, it’s practically impossible to base your eye colour based on your character. It’s all encoded within our genes. However, psychologists have determined a pinch of personality generalisations based on eye colours.

Communication via eyes is completely possible and accounted for, you look at a person, and you can tell by their eyes just what their feeling. Quick glances and prolonged stares are methods of communication through our eyes.

Black eyes:

People with black coloured eyes are thought of as some of the most loyal people out there. They’re secretive and mysterious which may give off a negative vibe about them, but there’s nothing negative about them.

They’re merely introverted and prefer to be alone rather than living the life of the party. Regardless, if they form a bond with someone once, they’re most likely to keep it going for as long as they possibly can.

Green eyes:

The colour green has long been synonymous with envy. We’ve all heard of the term ‘green-eyed monster’. Well, stereotyping people with green eyes as monsters is a misguided assumption.

People with green eyes tend to be out-going, quirky and albeit a little jealous. This eye colour shows that the person is willing to try anything new, whenever and wherever.

Blue eyes:

When a baby is born, their eyes are blue. Within two weeks, however, their iris restores itself to its original colour. Hence, the colour blue is linked to youthfulness.

This eye colour is one of the most prevalent in the world and also one of the most desirable. People with blue coloured eyes are seen as attractive, cheerful, naive and happy-go-lucky sort of people.

Brown eyes:

Brown is the most common eye colour of them all. People with brown coloured eyes are thought of as confident, competitive and headstrong people.

They’re the type of people willing to fight for anything they feel strongly about. They follow their principles even when everyone else is telling them otherwise.

They’re difficult to convince, but you can always count on them for support

Hazel eyes:

Hazel is a mixture of green and brown. Hence, people with hazel coloured eyes have personality traits between the green and brown eyed people.

The more dominant colour in their eyes, however, determines the more dominant aspect of their personality.

Grey eyes:

Grey coloured eyes are linked with wisdom and peace. People with grey coloured eyes tend to be wise beyond their years.

While everyone else is off arguing about what not, they’ll be sitting in a corner trying to think of a peaceful solution without resorting to conflict.

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