Coloring Meditation – Why Coloring is the new Meditation

Currently 20 of the best selling books on amazon, six of those books in the top 20 are adult coloring books. For many its a favorite of the past time for those who have graduated from kindergarten, it has been gaining popularity, its an easy way to express yourself and at the same time to relief stress as well.



Coloring Meditation

This activity is a easy low stress way to unblock your creative potential, it also unblocks memories of very simple child hood times, your only anxiety was how to avoid your next nap. “I recommend it as a relaxation technique” says psychologist Antoni Martinez. ” We can use this activity to enter a more creative, freer state. I really recommend it in a quiet environment with chill music, let the color and lines flow.”

Ben Michalis and Souris Song who are clinical psychologist and also the author of the best selling adult coloring book Outside The Lines, they discuss some of the benefits of coloring for the adult set.

” There is history of people coloring for health and mental reasons,” says Michalis. Carl Jung used to get his patients to color in mandalas, as a way to get people to focus and allow the subconscious to let go. Now we know it has a lot of other stress busting benefits as well.”coloring meditation

Today there are variety of adult coloring books is substantial, which range from like Coloring Flower Mandalas, to art savvy choices like Outside The Lines, there are also funny ones, feminist ones and even a coloring book for stoners.

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So if you are looking for a way to find your inner zen and at the same time exploring your creative and artistic side, look no further. Adult coloring books can help, Your inner child would be so proud.

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