Spirituality is not about retreating into a state of remission. It is about surrendering to the endless pain and finding a way to mould into love and light.

It’s about giving in to the divine source, letting it purge our mind of hate, neglect and self-ego. Every human being has the capability to connect with this source.

We just lose parts of ourselves along the way, recede to our self-ego and break the lines of communication between us and it.

So, how can you cement your connection with the source ― this invisible spiritual force inside of you ― capable of guiding you towards perpetual love and light?

Connecting to the divine source is a simple process that requires the intensification of spiritual vibration to align with the vibration of the divine. This can be achieved in the following ways.

How to connect with the divine Source

To spiritually ascend, break free from the same monotonous patterns of your life. Take a trip to a remote location and plunge into unknown adventures.

Give yourself the chance to grow. Expose your mind to new environments so that it can learn new things.

When you discover more about yourself, you spiritually evolve and start to vibrate at a higher frequency. This increases your chances of synchronising with the source energy.

Give others around you the freedom to grow. Uproot any kind of controlling behaviour. People around us are fighting fierce battles, and they don’t even let us get wind of their situations.

They keep on treading on alone, without seeking for help. Instead of becoming obstacles in their path, we should inspire them to emerge triumphant from their mental wars.

This society does a great job at worsening the lives of others. Don’t be like it. If you want to connect to your source, then you must go first from a free-spirited bond with others around you.

This source energy fuels us all, and the things we do to decrease someone else’s source energy has a bruising effect on us as well.

Stop overthinking and over analysing the future. Also, stop giving power to your past. Concentrate all your love and positivity in the NOW if you want to harness the energy of the divine.

Expending your energy on things that are not under your control only dispenses it into a gutter of death. This energy that you’re wasting can be used to make your present time a better time.

If you have so much positivity in your present existent state, your spiritual vibration will sky-rocket, and align with the divine energy of the cosmos.

Sever all ties with manipulative and negative people who drown your self-esteem. They’re not just letting you down, but are also sucking your divine energy source. Abrasive words and condescending remarks are venomous to the soul.

Stop running away from love. Sometimes, we retreat to dark alleyways and abandoned houses inside of us because we feel that we do not deserve love.

This kind of mentality drains your divine energy source and stops you from having a fulfilling life.

Connecting to the divine source requires a constant struggle to uphold the values of love and compassion.

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