Connecting with someone spiritually? We all yearn for a spiritual partner, someone who can make us feel whole in this tattered world of broken hearts. We all want someone who is capable of healing our rotten insides.

Most of us are beset by the disease of existentialism. We’re wanderers, endlessly In pursuit of things we don’t even know.

We all want the secret to spirituality, but our actions explicitly state otherwise. We resort to drugs and worldly temptations when tragedy strikes.

Instead of facing our fears, we numb ourselves to the pain, fully aware that anaesthetics aren’t a cure. They can’t rid us of our fears and insecurities.

Connecting with someone spiritually demands emotional and spiritual struggle. People who display relentless courage in their relationships always emerge victoriously.

They are awarded the gift of enlightenment.

So what does connecting with someone spiritually really entails?

Selfless Love

All kinds of love can be purified with selflessness and sacrifice. When our partner and we are emotionally struggling, we choose to fight our battles alone.

Not only does this drive us away from each other, but it also forces us into a bottomless pit of depression.

If you really want to experience a soul to soul connection with someone, you have to pour out your heart in front of them.

You have to share your deepest and darkest disturbances with them. Wallowing alone in your sorrow only serves to weaken spiritual ties.

Most of the relationships fail because couples completely forget the importance of emotional intimacy.

Physical intimacy can’t even exist without emotional intimacy. Always keep that in mind!

Personal Growth

Knowledge is the breeding ground for spirituality. Love ceases to grow when its torchbearers become sedentary.

Connecting with someone spiritually requires a hunger for knowledge. We have to collect essential lessons from our grief, pain, joy and use them as precursors for individual growth.

One mistake couples make in relationships is that when they gain acceptance form each other, they simply stop doing all the things that make them who they are.

They stop pursuing new horizons, meeting new people and discovering more about each other.

They take their love for granted, significantly weakening the spiritual bond between them.

Personal growth is essential for the survival of a relationship. Never underestimate its importance.


First, we talked about selfless love, and now we’re going to talk about how Self-love is fundamental in connecting with someone spiritually.

Sometimes, people have so much self-hatred inside themselves that they deem themselves unworthy of love. Spirituality is the ability to accept love in its purest form.

It’s nothing more than that. If we’re unable to look and accept the person in the mirror, then how are we ever going to gather the courage to accept love from our partner?

Something will always hold us back.

Learning to self-love is an arduous struggle, but it’s also one that’s worth all the suffering.

Connecting with someone spirituality requires the qualities mentioned above.