Conquer Your Fears And Unlock A Life Of Magnitude

Trusting in yourself

In order for the law of attraction to work you need to learn how to be open with your feelings. This includes trusting in yourself and it means being open to conquering your fears.

Can you imagine having the faith to jump off a cliff and trusting that your parachute will open for you? This is the type of openness you need to be receptive to.

The lesson to take away from the above example is that you must understand that your feelings are actually sending signals out into the universe. When you take into consideration that the law of attraction is based around asking the universe to grant your wishes and desires, you will see how this makes complete sense.

Like attracts like

Any time you are feeling happy, sad, or angry these feelings are sent out into the universe.

They come back in the exact same manner as you sent them out. So if you were feeling happy then you receive happiness in return. If you were mad then you will just feel more mad and angry.

What you need to know is what type of signal you are consistently sending out.

Do you exhibit mood swings or would you say your moods are pretty even? If you are not sure it can help to keep a mood log. Each day write down how you are feeling – of course you will have to be completely open and honest.

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Try this for five to seven days and then see what type of mood you were in. Were you happy most of the time or frustrated?

Your answer will tell you what signals the universe is receiving from you. You now know that you will have to work on improving your mood signals. This way the law of attraction can start working for you.

A life of magnitude

If you do happen to be moody or negative more than you feel happy, try to figure out the reason why and work on improving this. It can also be helpful to start thinking positive thoughts each day.

This can be done by reciting positive affirmations several times each day. Or start keeping a daily gratitude journal.

As you become more positive you should notice that your life takes a turn for the better. You will feel happier and your friends and family will notice this too.

The power of the law of attraction is already starting to work for you. Now it is time to ask the universe for that one thing you truly desire.

Author: Audrey Cortez


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