Spirit guides are your invisible and infinite helpers, tapping into the universe for wisdom, You would most likely try it.

You don’t have to try too hard to get this immense knowledge because subconsciously you have this information available to you. Your spirit guides are always communicating with you with various signs, numbers, messages. These signs are more revealing at different times of your life. You might notice a number that shows up in your life regularly. These signs have significant meaning.

We all have individual spirit guides, and they are always sending messages and showing signs, but we do forget about them and never take notice of them. Spirit guides support you throughout your life, they give you a nudge when you need it, they provide you with the ideas that came from nowhere, and you are ever thankful for this knowledge.

Spirit guides will never interfere with your life; they won’t control you. You are free to do whatever you like; they will provide guidance when you most likely need it. They will help when you ask for it.

They won’t manifest love, money or any form of success for you; they will guide you if you are on that path, if you want success in your life you will have to go after it, your spirit guides will guide you if you have a small trip along the way.

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Spirit guides are your invisible friend, they travel with you, where ever you go they are here for you. They will be with you every stage of your life. What you should know is that you are also guiding them, your life’s journey is teaching them lessons. When you were once a spirit before reincarnation on this plane, you were guiding them, spirit and universe is a beautiful connection of energy.

Psychics and Mediums always communicate with their spirit guides; it’s a natural process for them to have that constant connection. They always ask their spirit guides for help. However, we only turn to our spirit guides when we are in a stressful situation.

How Do I Contact My Spirit Guides?

You can contact your spirit guides by simply speaking to them; you can use your inner voice or show them images via visualisation. If you are not a medium, you will not receive a response from them right away.

The response you will get will come in the form of thought, signs, numbers shortly. The response can also be your solutions to problems, so you might not notice it as a response from your spirit guide.


Coincidences happen because of intervention from your spirit guide because you needed help at that time. Each of us has spirit guides for different aspects of learning and experiences.

A medium who is artistic may have a spirit guide to help them with their work and paintings; another spirit guide might assist them with their family life. However, each of us has a primary spirit guide who oversees our life journey, and they communicate with us frequently.

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If you have recently lost a loved one, it’s possible they are with you and guide you in some way. Any messages you receive from your spirit guide, you don’t have to take the advice, just because they are with spirit does not mean they are all knowing. They are on a similar journey as yourself.

Best Way To Contact Your Spirit Guides

1. Always relax and perform a relaxing breathing technique, which is three deep breaths to clear your body, three more to clear your mind and three more to clear your spirit.

2. Visualise you are slowly going into a beautiful garden looking around.

3. Sit down on a bench and ask out loud if one of your spirit guides can speak with you now.

4. Visualise your spirit guide sitting down with you, say hello and take in their appearance.

5. Communicate with them and ask any questions you would like and remember their responses.

6. Say good bye, visualise yourself and them leaving.

You should feel happy that you are being comforted in life’s journey and gain inspiration from the presence of your spirit guides.