To have a better knowledge about karmic partners and cosmic soul mates, you would need to know certain things. If you already know what karma is, it would be easy for you to understand. Karma affects all people and all lives. Reincarnation plays a part, and every life is one step ahead towards perfection that leads the soul to its original purity.

Acts of goodness lead to good karma, and the act of evil deeds result in bad karma; that’s the simplest definition of karma. Even something that has happened in the past life could affect the present life. There are three karma categories:

Sanchita Karma: All karma of every soul united; only part of this karma will occur in your life.

Parabdha Karma: The karma that we deal in the present life.

Kriyamana: They are the good or bad deeds that are created in the current life and go in your account of deeds.

First, there was a Universal Soul; then the souls decided to have individuality. Their strong willpower helped them to achieve it; however, every soul should complete a spiritual journey to gain the purity and perfection once again. They attain it through reincarnation.

When there was nothing, light or positive energy was there. It is the energy that wanted to give, but there was never anything which would receive it. The Universal soul had no equal, there wasn’t a part of it that would feel sadness, negativity or positivity.

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So, the creation of the vessel was necessary; it’s responsibility was to receive all that is provided by the positive energy. However, it had the nature of giving as well and didn’t want to receive only.

The giving ability of the Vessel made the light believed that it wanted separation and it separated. But, Vessel wanted the light back and returned to it and the light unexpectedly recoiled back. It led to the shattering of Vessel that crossed the lines between physical and metaphysical. Thus, the reincarnation cycles of the human being came into being.

The road to the spiritual being is filled with so many difficulties, and so many lives are needed to reach the destination. The incarnation process is completed in a group. The group of souls came together again and again to reach the common goal.

Every people you meet in life have a purpose. There are many names given to each relationship, but we will focus on cosmic souls and karmic partners.

Cosmic Soul mates

One category of the people we meet in our lives are of completing souls. On meeting them, you feel the sudden spark in your body. They make your hair stand. They can see your auras and have synchronicities.

You can have only one completing soul in one life. Your cosmic partner is the completing soul; they also fall in the karmic relationship category. So your cosmic partner/twin flame is the karmic one as well, but not every karmic partner is the cosmic one. You and your cosmic partner have the same soul that was divided at the time of Vessel shattering. After the progression of different lives, the initial balance of the cosmic partner is restored. When all karmic debts are balanced, you will achieve the complete state.

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Cosmic partners have separate genders mostly and both long for each other. There’s a strong pull between both partners, and from your heart, you know that there is a special bond.

Karmic Soul mates

The other category is of karmic partners. It is not easy to recognise them; the intensity is not that strong, but you always have a familiar feeling at the back of your head. You know that there’s an unknown bond between you. You have spent so many lives with your karmic partners, and they will meet you in other lives as well. Every time you meet them, they always become a part of your life, even if it is a small part and somehow you recognise them without even knowing.

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