To maintain and raise the energies of your crown chakra, there are many healing crystals that you can use. Having materials like healing crystals and aromatherapy scents and oils is an easy way to expand your spiritual toolkit.

And it is imperative to keep the crown chakra activated and in balance, especially as your spiritual journey progresses.

This is because the crown chakra – located on top of the head – is the energy centre governing spirituality, consciousness, ascension and enlightenment. A healthy crown chakra is a requirement for spiritual progress.

Balance is usually kept by engaging in regular meditation – with the aid of healing crystals.

This is the best approach for most people. But when it comes to choosing which healing crystals to use, many people get confused.

Crown Chakra Crystals

So we’ve put together a list of the best crystals for healing your crown chakra through healing meditation:


Amethyst is the stone most commonly associated with the crown chakra. This is because its resonant energies are at the same frequencies as the crown chakra, and it can, therefore, be used to purify and cleanse your energy.

Think of it as a disinfectant, killing off any growing patches of negative energy in the crown chakra before it becomes self sustaining.

All crown chakra related meditation should involve the use of amethyst, and during particularly spiritual moments in your life too.

This will help to purify the experience and help you to take the karmic lessons from it.


A general purpose crystal used for passive healing. Sleeping with charoite on the nightstand or in an amulet or necklace will help the effectiveness of that sleep by clearing any bad energies you may have encountered that day, leaving you feeling more refreshed and therefore with more will for the day ahead.

When you spend a lot of time on the crown chakra, the existential thinking can make sleep a little troublesome.

Use charoite to help promote good, healthy rest to help you recover and to rejuvenate.

Clear Quartz

Every list of powerful crystals will have clear quartz, on account of its focusing and amplification properties.

In essence, this versatile crystal will help to boost spiritual energies for any purpose, meaning that a lot of spiritual people carry a bit of clear quartz with them at all times.

It’s is an empowering presence, enhancing your energies and your focus – leading to the singleminded abilities of the masters of the crown chakra. When we realise the oneness of the universe, all comes in to focus.


Howlite has been known to produce the same energetic resonance as euphoria and tends towards higher frequency energies. It can produce feelings of wellbeing and being loved.

Crown chakra work can be stressful as you try to adapt to a new perspective on the world – as a spiritual being as well as a physical one.

Expressing these emotions is essential to not allow the negative energies from building up as they go unexpressed. Howlite can adjust your frame of mind so that you can be emotionally expressive during heavy times.


During any time of transition in your life, you can employ lepidolite to help to calm your energies and resist the negative effects of stress that change always puts on life.

Often, crown chakra work is the last we do before we enter into a period of ascension when our vibrations shift to new, higher frequencies.

It is crucial during such a profoundly transformative time that you remain calm and centred. Lepidolite is one of those crystals that might not see a lot of use but is always worth having around in case emergency strikes.

Rutilated Quartz

This crystal embodies the vein-like structure of the subtle body and its myriad energy channels.

Using rutilated quartz helps to increase energy flow through the subtle body chakras and bring about a heightened awareness of your aura, and energetic make up.

Strengthening the connections between the chakras is key to reaching new levels of consciousness as it facilitates higher energy frequencies with a better chance of resisting side effects from doing so.


One of the most popular cleansing crystals in use today, selenite is excellent for clearing blockages and dissipating negative energies – especially in the crown chakra, where its frequencies resonate strongly.

The crown chakra itself is a cleanser, so selenite is closely related energetically to the crown chakra energy centre.

This is always useful during chakra healing meditation and, combined with clear quartz, makes for a highly effective morning meditation ritual that functions like a spiritual version of taking a shower before work.


Sugilite is one of those crystals that helps to provide a link between the physical and the spiritual. It has long been known that the presence of sugilite enhances spiritual practice, particularly amongst those who participate in lucid dreaming and astral projection.

It does this by providing a proxy through which your intuition and your spirit guides can communicate more intimately.

This strengthens your intuition and helps you to receive messages and feedback related to your spiritual journey.

White Calcite

Finally, we have white calcite – the five fruit and vegetables of the healing crystals.

When you first use white calcite, the effects are very mild and might help you to keep your mind free of nagging worries and doubts.

But with sustained use, the effects amplify. Over time, you will find that your self-control and drive increase and you resist distraction and become rarely waylaid.

And really, that’s what the crown chakra is all about. It’s the death of the ego, the shrugging off of selfish desires to focus on the biggest picture – recognising that we are but a moment in a vast universe of love and light.