Crown chakra healing can be achieved by making some changes in your daily routine. This seventh chakra is located at the top of your head and associated with spirituality.

The blockage of this chakra is responsible for many adverse physical as well as spiritual conditions.

Confusion, tension, drowsiness, headaches, depression, chronic fatigue, and materialism, are few of the many things that a person faces when the crown chakra is blocked.

Effective Methods for Healing Crown Chakra

There are many ways by which you can heal your crown chakra. We have collected some important yet simple things that you can do on a daily basis to repair it.

Use Crown Chakra Stones:

It is quite a simple method that you can use to heal your crown chakra because using it doesn’t require any training. Go for chakra stone jewellery that you can wear every day.

This will help in opening your chakra without doing anything else. White and violet colored stones and crystals help in crown chakra healing. Along with them, clear crystals and stones are also linked with this chakra.

Sugilite, Selenite, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, and Howlite are topmost crown chakra stones.


Meditation aids in opening all chakras. It doesn’t only produce spiritual benefits but physical as well.

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There are some special meditation techniques for each chakra that boost the healing process. Here is how to meditate for opening your crown chakra.

Sit comfortably with your hands on your lap. Your palms should be facing upwards. This position is known as ‘mudra’, and it aids in receiving energy.

Follow this breathing pattern. Close your eyes and take a breath in using your nose. Now exhale using your mouth.

Visualize a lotus on the top of your head. While you breathe according to the above-mentioned pattern, imagine that lotus is unfolding showing bright white coloured light.

Sense the warmth of that light from head to toe. Remain in the light for at least five minutes

When you feel good, open your eyes and sit silently

What to Eat? Healthy foods affect chakras positively. When you want to heal your chakra system, it is recommended that you eat naturally sourced food. The foods that enhance healing of crown chakra are:


Red grapes


Herbal teas


The colour of the crown chakra is violet and white. All the natural foods that have these colours would help you to heal. Removing sugary and fatty foods from your diet is also suggested by experts.

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Wear A Smile:

Yes, it might not seem a lot, but smiling promotes healing. Greet others with a happy face. Do whatever you can to help others because it will remove the negative energy around you and will help you to attain balance.

Yoga Techniques:

If you want to do a bit of extra work on healing, then you could try these yoga techniques: the supported headstand, the plough, and the seated lotus position.

You can easily learn how to do them because they are pretty common yoga poses.