Rainbow and Crystal Children Characteristics

Crystal Children Characteristics – Crystal children were here in waves in 1990’s, they are the children of the Indigos. These children have far more powerful psychic and telepathic abilities than the indigos.

Natural unconditional love and psychic healing seem to be the key characteristic of the crystal children. There were early incarnation of crystal children during the 70’s and 80’s, they were mainly scouts to see if the world was ready for these amazing children.


The crystal children are very different from Indigos, unlike the indigos the crystals are not confused about living their purpose here.

They know what their role here is and what they should be doing to help save the world, which is to live in this world in perfect harmony.

The indigo children are having a hard time living in this world, they have not grounded themselves and know whats wrong with the world but are confused on how to fix things.. some indigos accept the matrix.

Crystal children are having a hard time getting their parents and teachers to understand them, they want to please their parents but most of the times it is frustrating.

There are many indigos who are confrontational in this world, crystals are non confrontational observers of life on this planet, they listen without any judgment to other peoples points of view.


They live and continue their life in the direction on what is felt in their hearts.

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Crystal Children Characteristics

1. The first crystal children characteristics is that they have large eyes which has an intense stare.
2. They have a very attractive personality.
3. They are very affectionate.
4. They began to talk late in childhood
5. They would sing before they started talking, so they are very music oriented.
6. Another crystal children characteristics is that they use telepathy as one of the many ways to communicate.
7. They may have been diagnosed with aspergers syndrome or autism.
8. They are very sweet natured and even tempered.
9. They are always forgiving others.
10. They are very empathic and sensitive.
11. They love animals and very much connected to nature.

Now The Rainbow Children ?..

Rainbow Children Characteristics – The adult crystal children had children which are the Rainbow Children.

These rainbow children have come here with no karma at all, this is probably their first incarnation. They have the rainbow aura which is the all-natural pure energy of our universe, they give off this energy to others.

Think about this, when you are out on a sunny day, you may get rainbow light rays. This feels very good when you get a brief exposure to the sun. This Rainbow energy heals your body, mind and soul.rainbow-children-characteristics

Rainbow children are much higher up the spiritual incline than any of us. They could easily be the spiritual avatars who are returning to guide the masses, as they did thousands of years ago.

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Like the Mayan Avatars who left the planet in the early 800s AD, they left behind their earthly charges.

In my opinion they have visited the planet many times and they are here now as well.

The mayan’s left their mark from egypt to central america and maybe beyond. In essenes the Rainbow children have brought their superior knowledge and insight with them.


Rainbow Children Characteristics

1. If you have ever come across these amazing rainbow children, you would be surprised by their loving nature and natural ability to forgive others. That’s some thing you don’t normally see in other children of the same age.

2. Rainbow children are very determined, in essence they never give up.

3. Many have associated telepathy with extra terrestrials and the rainbow children are very telepathic more so than crystals.

4. Another rainbow children characteristics is that they have extreme amounts of energy, these kids are very enthusiastic.

5. These kids have no ego and they are not judgmental which is similar to the crystal children.

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