My View on Current Spiritual Energies

Recently, I met with my mentor who is a Reiki Master, and we talked about current spiritual energies.

He predicted that light and darkness would continue to flourish and a widening gap will develop between the two. Now, what did he mean by that?


Well, let’s say that the year 2018 will bring great things for optimistic people.

It will empower them to carry out incredible feats, find eternal love and overcome insurmountable odds.

Meanwhile, people who resort to evil will also become extremely powerful.

As far as the overall energy of the universe goes, the same trend will be observed.

The conflicts will continue to exacerbate, and the deeds of kindness will increase exponentially.


Those who are steeped in greed, nepotism and corruption will fall deeper into their decadence.

Whereas, those who are trying to uphold the values of truth, love and goodness will spiritually evolve at lightning fast speeds.

This does not necessarily mean that we’re not given a choice. A shot at redemption is on the cards for everyone.

People who are on the wrong path can always turn their lives around and absolve their wrongdoings.

Our lives are never pre-destined. The universal source still gives us the freedom to choose our ways.

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Sure, everyone and everything in this world has a destiny, but there also exists the power to shape futures.

In 2018, it’s vital to stay focused on your own change instead of diverting your attention towards other trivial matters.

There is a fantastic opportunity for radical transformation in 2018 for all of us.

The fantastic thing about these changes is that not many people will be aware of their source.

To be honest, they had been set in motion long before this year. Every event in your preceding years led you to this point.

It contributed to making you the person you are right now.

All the changes and the promises of transformation are going to be fulfilled in this year if you’re willing.

With all this change, our spiritual transformation will give us clarity about the purpose and meaning of our lives.


It will align us with our true goals and ambitions. We’ll let go of frivolous careers, and set our eyes on what our hearts truly desire.

We will realise our latent talents and get a better understanding of ourselves. We will also advance towards things that are right for us.

If you have been stuck in an abusive relationship for a long time now, you will finally muster up the courage to eject yourself from such unions this year.

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Current spiritual energies demand selfless action. In this world, we’re here to add something new.

When we simply act to neutralise the action of others, we fail to create something new.

Help others by fostering love and care inside them, instead of merely trying to suppress the hurt within them.

If 2017 was all about the accumulation of energy, 2018 is going to be about putting this energy to good use. But, remember, in the end, it’s all up to how willing you are to change your life.

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