We will all make a significant number of soul connections throughout our lives. Not all of them are positive.

It is not right to have low energy souls connected to our soul. Their low energy mixes with our higher energy and dilutes our power, effectively holding us down.

“So,” you may ask, “Is there a way to cut unhealthy soul ties that are keeping my soul energy from reaching it’s potential?”

There are a number of ways of cutting soul ties with people who you no longer want as a part of your life – spiritual, or otherwise.

Make The Decision To Cut Ties

This might seem like an easy step, but deciding to sever a soul tie is no walk in the park.

For one, our every instinct as social, spiritual beings is to maintain and develop friendships and relationships. Part of you wants to keep every soul connection, as that connection feels good for the soul.

But in the case of abusive relationships and friends that treat you poorly, or even in the case of a relationship that has nothing to offer you any more, cutting ties is the smart thing to do.

Realising this and making the decision out loud or on paper is the first major hurdle that most people fall at.

Cut Out All Communication

Soul ties are only strengthened by communication, which is why communication is so vital to a healthy relationship.

So if you are trying to cut soul ties with someone, communicating with them is not helping your cause at all.

Delete their number from your phone and, if possible, get them to do the same. It is much easier to resist visiting someone than it is to resist texting or calling or messaging them in other ways.

Make it as difficult as possible for you to cave in and contact them. You will thank yourself for it later, even if it is upsetting and challenging now.

Leave No Excuses For Fixing Soul Ties

Lastly, you need to be mindful of relapsing and the manufacturing of excuses for seeing the person “one last time”.

One last time is never really one last time; it’s just something we say to excuse our bad behaviour.

When you cut ties with someone, ensure that they leave nothing in your possession. Some people like to leave behind clothes, jewellery, electronics, anything in your house that they can “swing by later” for.

This is an excuse to stay in contact and can cause soul ties to reform.

This is good for neither side and only prolongs the cutting soul ties process. The longer the process, the harder it is going to be to go through with it.

It’s best to treat it like a band-aid and rip it right off.

Be Prepared For The Aftermath

Cutting soul ties, even when we know it is the right thing to do, can be very painful.

It is crucial that we are prepared to take the time to spend on ourselves, on deciding what we do want if we don’t want what we had before. A moment to look up and choose a path to follow.

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