Cygnus Starseed: In the Northern sky, you can easily find a Swan constellation which is known as Cygnus. Although this constellation is not very famous for its Starseeds, it has been renowned since old times as Zeus and Leda are associated with it. It belongs to the Hercules family.

Cygnus Starseed

Cygnus Starseeds are not commonly found. You will find more Lyrans, Pleiadians, Arcturians, etc., but Cygnians are not very renowned.

Here are some of their most common traits:


Cygnus star system is a beautiful place having fantastic art, fine wines and extravagant food. Cygnus Starseeds don’t have much to learn there that’s why they have come to our planet to learn through hardships.

Even though when they are born in wealthy families, they choose the professions like doctors, lawyers etc. to learn.

Quiet But Good Listeners

Cygnus Starseeds don’t talk much and like to remain silent in public.

They pretend not to care about anything, but in reality, they care and have more significant goals to make things right. As they don’t have much to say, this makes them excellent listeners.

Highly Technical

Numbers, advanced technology, electronics, all are their speciality. Cygnians are the highly technical Starseeds; they are technical about almost everything.

Dutiful But Not Mean

Cygnians are highly dutiful. If they need to reach any place at 7:00 pm, you will find them there at 6:30 pm. They are not mean, but people often consider them mean because they give priority to work over fun. People also see them as dull souls because of the same reason.

Family Oriented

Family means a lot to them. They feel attached to their family. They recognise the importance of being in a family, but they don’t show it very often.

Their quiet nature keeps them away from the daily family fun. Big family reunions are awkward for them. You will find them standing away from family photos.

Money Savers

Cygnus Starseeds are very careful about the money they earn. They only want to spend it right, and for that they save money.

They don’t like to spend money on small things. Their priority is to buy things of high quality and comfort. Cygnians believe in spending once but spending wisely. Their good taste is due to their origin star.

Very Patient

Cygnians are very humble and patient. They don’t overreact to things. It is in their nature to calmly analyse the situation. They don’t rush at all that’s why they gain success in whatever they do.

Cygnians Starseeds are not the leaders of others, but their technical minds have served humanity in many ways.

They have their hands in the advancement of technology that we see today. Cygnians are quiet because they have lots of things to think about.

They are calm and have patience because they have built their fantastic civilisation from nothing and they know they will do the same with their incarnation goals. Although they are highly technical souls, you may find them as great artists and musicians as well.

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