Auras come in all colours, shades and hues. A lot can be understood through studying the aura and its colours – so much so that it takes the naturally gifted a lifetime of spiritual work to analyse an individual aura thoroughly.

Luckily for those of us a little more pressed for time, you can still get quite a lot just from the basic colouring of your aura.

We are going to look at the dark green aura today, discovering the meanings it holds for your present and your future.

Green Auras Mean Growth

The basic green aura is generally a sign of growth or transition – a movement from one stage in your life to another.

This can be as obvious as a change in a living situation or be starting a new job, but often it is more about spiritual and personal growth.

The green aura in its most basic form is essentially neutral, promising neither a positive nor negative transition for the bearer.

Dark Green Auras Are A Little Darker

The dark green aura, however, is decidedly negative. The greens signify growth and transition, but the muddying of the aura changes the meaning significantly.

In general terms, this is often a symptom of arrested development – either an inability or refusal to move on in some aspect of your life.

A typical example would be job stagnation. The greens suggest that the opportunity to progress in your working life is there, but the muddying might indicate that you are not seizing the opportunity because of insecurities.

Maybe you haven’t applied for a promotion, and perhaps that’s because you feel less worthy of it than you are. Fear often darkens the aura in this way.

Dark Green Auras & Jealousy

Of course, there is also another meaning to the dark green aura – jealousy.

When strong feelings of jealousy arise, it can cause the aura to turn a dark green colour.

If this rings true for you, then it is worth examining this jealousy.

Jealousy is the fear of losing something or someone to someone else. Jealousy is often confused with envy, which is a desire to take something or someone from someone else. Envy is rooted in greed, whereas jealousy is rooted in fear.

It is important to know that if this applies to you, as there are great ways to tackle the fear that drives the muddying of the aura – and the problems that the aura represents.

Cleansing A Dark Green Aura

The best way to cleanse a dark green aura is to be in nature, reconnecting with your inner self.

Concentrate on root chakra meditation and exercises. This helps to regulate the energy flow through the root chakra, which governs the base instincts like fear and survival.

As you remove the barriers to growth, your dark green aura will lighten and brighten.

Eventually, once the problems that you face are solved, you may find that your aura is no longer a dark green but instead a bright, emerald green.

And the bright, emerald green aura signifies positive change and personal growth for the future. You will find that when this happens, things have a funny tendency to go your way.