Auras exist around all living beings and represent the energies of the spirit in the form of a coloured electromagnetic field.

There are many different colours an aura might have, and the hue and intensity of an aura speak volumes as to the personality, mood and energies of the spirit.

We all have these auras and, with the right training, we may be able to see them ourselves. However, a keen psychic can often look at our auras much more clearly and help us to identify the aura that currently surrounds us.

The Pink Aura

The pink aura denotes a generous spirit, one who loves easily and deeply and spreads kindness wherever they go.

A pure pink aura is rare as it speaks to a purity of love and compassion that is very hard to cultivate within ourselves.

A poet or romantic may possess a pink aura, denoting the ease with which they can interact with and understand the most profound emotions.

In fact, the possessor of a pink aura may find themselves overwhelmed at times by the love and kindness of others, as much as they can be by their pain and suffering.

The Dark Pink Aura

When the aura is a dark or muddy pink, it can point to problems in the spirit.

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These problems often manifest themselves in dishonesty, immaturity and a tendency to act with ulterior motives.

While the pure pink aura expresses a selfless desire to spread love and kindness, a dark pink aura may betray more selfish motives.

For instance, while someone with a pure pink aura might provide us with a shoulder to cry on and some words of comfort simply because we need it, someone with a dark pink aura might do so out of their own need to be seen to be as a good friend.

They may even be looking to turn our platonic relationship into a romantic one, even when they know that is not what we want. Selfish intent soils the dark pink aura.

But we should not judge those with a dark pink aura. The bright pink aura is rare for a reason – all of us can be led astray by our selfish desires, and each selfish act muddies the aura at least a little bit.

A dark pink aura should be seen merely as a pink aura, muddied by dishonesty, self-interest and immaturity.

And it is this immaturity that brings it home. The possessor of a dark pink aura must benefit from self-reflection through meditation and chakra healing.

The process of bringing their energies in to balance and taking control of their thoughts and motives carries with it the maturity needed to purify the dark pink aura and adjust its clarity.

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With dedication to caring for the spirit, the dark pink aura can be cleared, and its possessor will lose the immaturity that plagued them in the past.