All shades of a purple aura are regarded as very special among the metaphysical community. Purple is the colour of the crown chakra, and always indicates an innate psychic talent.

Dark purple in the aura is usually seen as a bad sign, however.

Let’s take a look at the dark purple aura and how it differs from the other shades of purple aura.

Psychics Often Have Purple Auras

Almost all those who practice psychic abilities have a predominantly purple aura.

This is because they have particularly strong crown chakras, which is the energy centre most involved with psychic and metaphysical connections (other than the twin flame connection).Dark Purple Aura Meaning

And this works both ways most of the time. Possessing a purple aura is a strong hint that you might have latent psychic abilities that, if properly trained and used, could fulfil massive potential.

Creative Purple Auras

Purple auras are also strongly associated with high creativity.

The reason we as humans create so much art is that our creative senses reside in the higher brain, which is strongly linked to the crown chakra and third eye.

Many artists and poets have purple in their auras, though usually, they have a variety of other colours in there too.

Pure purple auras are very rare among creatives, but they are even rarer among non-psychics.

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Dark Purple Warning

Dark purple in the aura is a little less of a gift as it is a problem. Or rather, it can tell you that you have a metaphysical problem that you have yet to address.

Most often, those with a dark purple aura are Purples who are experiencing energy blockages.

This can lead to a loss of psychic abilities and an inability to forge spiritual or psychic connections.

The more dark purple there is in your aura, the more spiritual work there is to be done.

Healing A Dark Purple Aura

The healing process for those with a dark purple aura is actually quite simple.

That does not mean it is easy, however.

As well as maintaining a regular meditation schedule and keeping up with the metaphysical work a full life needs, healing a dark purple aura requires extra attention to crown chakra meditation.

Bring yourself in to a meditative state and move through your subtle body, checking on the chakra energy centres as you follow the energy flow from the bottom of your spine to the top of your head.

Once your focus is on the crown chakra, you should contemplate the Oneness of the universe and your place within it.

You should call on your spirit guides to help regulate your energy flow.

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Then, listen. Your intuition will tell you what you need to do, as that is how our spirit guides dole out their wisdom and knowledge.

In all likelihood, there is something in your life that is hurting your relationship with yourself and the universe (which is the same thing).

Whether this is a relationship that needs attention, trouble at work or general anxiety about the future, it needs to be solved if you are to get your pure purple aura back.