Hummingbirds are symbols of joy, light, and beauty, so what does it mean when we find a dead one?

While many do not like to ponder on death, some cultures believe that even in death there is an important lesson to be learned.

In this article, we will explore the symbolism behind finding a dead hummingbird and how it relates to our lives.


The hummingbird is often seen as a symbol of commitment, reminding us that to hold onto something important, we must put in the effort to keep it alive and thriving.

When something dies, it might mean that we are too comfortable with our current situation and need to change things up.

It could also mean that it is time to stop doing something that isn’t helpful to us anymore.


Hummingbirds are also seen as symbols of love.

The love between two people could have faded, or an old flame has been rekindled and needs tending to.

A dead hummingbird might signify that you have been neglecting someone close to your heart or that you need to recognize the power of love in all its forms.

Change and Renewal

Finding a dead hummingbird can remind us of the importance of change and renewal.

Life is constantly changing, and sometimes these changes may not feel pleasant or easy, but they serve an important purpose in our growth as individuals and communities.

The death of the hummingbird has the potential to be a reminder of how quickly life passes by if we don’t take time for ourselves each day to appreciate all the positive changes occurring around us.


When a hummingbird dies, it might make us feel restless or uneasy.

This is because hummingbirds are always moving.

Their wings let them fly into our dreams at night or inspire us during the day. They remind us that everything moves at its own pace.

Sometimes things move faster than we would like, but never any faster than necessary if we pay attention.

This act encourages us to slow down and appreciate where we are now before taking steps towards where we want to go next.

We should not worry about how long things will take or how much energy they will require from us until completion.

Mistakes & Regret

Everyone makes mistakes, even people who are no longer alive.

But we should not feel bad about our mistakes unless they can help us learn something important.

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For example, if our mistake can teach us something about ourselves or other people involved in the mistake (whether it was a good or bad experience), then it is worth feeling regretful.

This dark meaning makes it hard for us to forgive ourselves.

Forgiving ourselves is important so that we can move forward with grace and understanding.


Hummingbirds have long been seen as symbols of protection.

They often signify nature’s protective and healing spirit.

If you find a dead hummingbird, it can be a reminder that you are being watched over, even in death.

This can be a reminder to trust in the natural order of things and to remain open and accepting when faced with difficult situations and transitions.


Despite its death, there are still positive lessons for us to discover in the symbolism of the hummingbird.

Its joyous fluttering can remind us of our inner light that is never extinguished – it only changes form from one life to another.

This small creature holds within it immense power – if we take the time to harness it through reflection, we will find ourselves filled with renewed energy and possibilities for the future.


When a hummingbird dies, it can mean that something important is changing in our lives.

This change can help us to see what is most important to us and what we should do next.

Acknowledging this change as part of our journey can be liberating, as we can move through difficult times more gracefully, knowing that something greater awaits us at the end.


If you find a dead hummingbird, it might mean that you are supposed to learn from your mistakes.

Try to use this moment to learn something new without being too attached to the outcome.

Hummingbird Symbolism in Native American Culture

In Native American culture, hummingbirds symbolize healing and invoke joy in the heart.

In some tribes, they are seen as a representation of courage due to their ability to migrate long distances with grace and determination.

It is believed that when we find a dead hummingbird, it is a sign from the spirit world that we should take time to reflect on our own lives during challenging times and honor the changes that come along with life’s journey.

Dead Hummingbird Tongue Out

The idea of finding a dead hummingbird with its tongue out has been explored to symbolize a fear of change.

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A dead bird with its tongue sticking out may indicate that something needs healing through acceptance and understanding—whether it be something within us or an external factor.

The message here could be to let go of what no longer serves us to make room for new ideas and perspectives.

Dead Humming Bird Dream Meanings

Seeing a dead hummingbird in your dream
Dreaming of a dead hummingbird is an indication that you are undergoing significant life changes and need to take time for self-reflection. It can also signify the end of something in your life.
A dead hummingbird attacking you in your dream
This could mean that anxiety or fear of change is holding you back from reaching your true potential. It could be a sign to face these fears head on and make the necessary changes.
A dead hummingbird being resurrected in your dream
This symbolizes hope and rebirth, meaning that even when life throws hard challenges at you, if you stay true to yourself then everything will eventually turn out alright.
Seeing many dead hummingbirds in your dream
Seeing multiple dead hummingbirds in a dream can indicate some form of inner conflict. It could suggest that the decisions or paths taken recently weren’t helpful, so it’s important to take the time to reassess where things currently stand and adjust accordingly.
Holding a dead hummingbird in your hands
Holding a dead bird often signifies sadness and regret over something lost. But it can also represent acceptance - ultimately knowing that life goes on and you must too, no matter what comes up along the way.


The symbolism of the dead hummingbird offers us a chance to reflect on life’s transitions and accept them as part of our journey.

It can remind us to be open-minded, take time for self-reflection, and trust in both our successes and challenges.

Even in death, the hummingbird’s message is one of hope—that we are never alone and are being watched over by nature’s protective spirit at all times.