Have you ever met someone who seemed so into you, they call or text you to hang out with them, until you say “yes”.

You say that they can feel a connection and are compelled to act on it. They will tell you that they have never met anyone like you before.

So you put your guard down, and you open up, next thing you know you’re having an amazing date with them, but then it gets hot and physical way too fast.

Then just as fast as it started, it stops. They flicked a switch, they stop texting or calling and never hang out with you again.

Now you wonder what happened?

Deep Soul Connection

The reason they became distant is that they never felt the spiritual attraction or deep Soul connection that you thought they might have felt.

You see deep Soul connection is different from physical chemistry, its not about how much you made them laugh or how great you looked in your dress.

A genuine spiritual attraction is much more profound; it’s like a knowing or feeling. If they don’t feel the magic of it then no amount of dressing up, looking hot or charisma will change their mind.

It won’t matter how great the physical chemistry is, that would probably torture them with confusion and mixed messages.

Spiritual connections can’t be synthetically manufactured; they must organically and automatically happen, however, there are a few things you can do to prime yourself. This will put you in the right place for the process to naturally start to occur. A push in the right direction so to speak.

Connect with your hearts intelligence

Science has proven that our heart does have a brain, meaning there is emotional intelligence in your heart, your brain makes emotional decisions after receiving input from the heart.

When you are more connected to your heart, and you make choices using it, you can be seen as happy and more peaceful. Everyone will notice and they will feel more comfortable around you.

An empty mind

Many spiritual practices recommend the approach of having no expectation or any issues or baggage.

So no matter how old you are and how much you know, you should always have a beginners mind. Give them and yourself a clean slate.

This allows you to interact with them without any expectations you might have from past relationships, essentially they are not reminding you of someone you used to know or love, you won’t be fearful of getting hurt.

Connect with your higher self

It’s good to observe yourself from an outside point of view, so you can see what impact you are making on others, without your needs and desires.

This is called connecting with your higher self, which allows you to know the actions you are committing and why.

This helps you in case you are just blindly reacting, which leads to over-reacting. When you observe yourself, you can make the best decisions.

So when you are with that special person, and they tell you how you affect them, you can take an outside point of view and make adjustments, they will feel much closer to you when you take on this approach.

Following these steps, you will have a much deeper soul connection with them, remember it is not just about physical chemistry but about making a spiritual connection.

It is what you need to cultivate a deep, meaningful and long-lasting relationship.