Dejavu is a French word which translates to “already seen”. We’re all familiar with the concept of love at first sight.

We feel this instant spark spiking up and drawing us closer to this person in front of us.

Not only our eyes but also our soul senses an insane magnetic attraction. It doesn’t feel as if we’ve met them for the first time in our life.

Quite to the contrary, we feel as if we’ve known them all along. It confounds us.

We don’t have all the answers, but in our hearts of hearts, we know that we have shared a similar encounter with this person in the past. It sounds kinda surreal, but we’ve all felt it.

So, why deny it?

Hindus advocate the notion of reincarnation and eternal love. They have a firm belief that souls can meet each other in different lifetimes.

So, what bounds these souls? Is it Destiny? Or is the universe pulling strings behind the scenes to repeat this reunion?

Whatever, the underlying reason, souls experience Dejavu even if they no longer reside in the same bodies or possess the same minds.

It can be hypothesised that souls have a memory of their own, almost like a computer chip. It can be a bit dim, but a memory nonetheless.

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Here are signs you’ve experienced a Déjà vu with your soulmate.

You feel a strong sense of familiarity

Even if you’re a hundred percent sure that you’ve met this person for the first time in your life, there’s still a part of you that says that “No”, you know this person better than anyone you’ve ever known in your life.

This ambivalence springs up because deep down you’re sure that you’ve met this person in another time and another dimension.

You confide in them without hesitation

You’ve always found it extremely hard to trust others around you, but then out of the blue, you start trusting a complete stranger.

You don’t hesitate to confide in them. When you’re around them, insecurities bury themselves in the ground.

You feel as if you’re finally home. You’re under the protection of someone who you trust your life.

You feel a sense of deepening calmness. You get good vibes from them, and you just know that they mean no harm. You never question their intentions.

You have unprecedented feelings

When you’re around them, you feel entirely different. You feel like you’re stuck in a trance.

Your heartbeat jumps and jolts and your mind feels like it has discovered paradise. He makes you think things that you never thought you were capable of feeling.

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He doesn’t have to do anything special. His mere presence does the trick. He bewilders you with his love. You feel as if you’re under a spell.

Your love is spontaneous

Your love is spontaneous. It doesn’t need a force to stir it. It feels lively, even in absolute silence. Even if you see each other after a considerable amount of time, it feels like you two were never apart.